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Car Radio Unlocking

in Motoring
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  • burbs_2burbs_2 Forumite
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    andrew502 wrote:
    There seem to be loads of people on ebay selling PC programs that allow you to retrieve the codes:

    If it its that easy to get the codes it makes the whole security system a bit of a joke!

    It really is as easy as that. Any stereo can be unlocked in seconds using the PC codes, all you need is the stereo make, model and serial number and out pops your code. Very much the same as using Crux to unlock mobiles, the program is the same for stereos. No stereo cannot be unlocked, even stereos that need a key fob to unlock them. if you lose the key fob dealers like to tell you it will cost you a lot of money to buy a new fob, this is rubbish, you do not need the key fob at all.

    its all just a way of making more money out of us really aint it
  • georgesky01georgesky01 Forumite
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    anyone know what the programe is called
  • Shinds wrote:
    Dave u have been lucky ;)

    because as written above - Ford charge and I know Vauxhall also charge.

    Peugeot charge too...though its £ vat....I asked why does it cost anything....they said its for their systems to store..i said thats bulll...i work in computers and to store every code would cost peanuts....the cheapest celeron pc and a 10gb hard drive would suffice!
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  • 1 local Peugeot sub-dealer also tried to charge me, they asked that i take the car to them as they have to remove the radio. i phoned the main dealer saying exactly the same 'im requesting an unlock code' , i gave them the reg, they gave me the code for no cost.
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  • skiddy2kskiddy2k Forumite
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    what it seems like, is that, different dealers, are telling you different things.

    for example, one vauxhall dealer is saying they charge to give you the codes, and e.g. if you ring up a couple of OTHER vauxhall dealers, they may give you the code.
    from experience, anytime i want some information on my volvo, i always ring a few dealerships up and ask them the same thing. quite often, i get totally different anwsers!
  • can you do vauxhall ,please
  • Itimmo440 wrote:
    'll tell you it for free! Just need serial number and model of stereo

    Serial N0: GM0400V1516937

    Model: Vauxhall car 400 (Think it's same as a Phillips)

  • ShindsShinds Forumite
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    You are the man! :)

    That's what need on here - More Moneysaving spirit ;)
  • BritBrat wrote:
    Serial N0: GM0400V1516937

    Model: Vauxhall car 400 (Think it's same as a Phillips)


    1755 this might help
  • Thanks for this Timmo44 you're a star

    Can you do a Volvo V01720W3311029

    stereo model: RDS eon
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