I need my money quick! - how long does it take to withdraw!

Hi, I have cash ISAs with M&S and Barclays. They've both just come out of their fixed interest period and have reverted to the standard variable amount. I need this money quickly (within 7 days). How long does it usually take to withdraw money from a Cash ISA (anyone with experience of this with Barclays or M&S would be great). Is it immediate or does it take time? The reason why I ask is because Ive heard that Banks drag their heels when people want to transfer their ISAs - does this apply when a person wants to withdraw the full amount?
Ill phone them to check, although Ild appreciate your comments because theyre probably going to be more reflective of the actual time it will take!


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    Transferring ISAs is not the same as withdrawing.

    When you are withdrawing you are just going to say, a current account.
    When you are transferring you are moving your ISA money into another ISA account.
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    Transferring to other ISA providers involves them printing and posting cheques. How quickly they handle a straight withdrawal will depend on the nature of the account and on what other accounts you have with them. for example, if you have a current account with them and a cashpoint card, you might be able to get it all done in a few hours. If they need to post you a cheque you could reckon on it being a week + ....
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