MSE News: BAA workers vote to strike, which could shut six UK airports

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Thousands of holidaymakers face further travel chaos following an overwhelming vote for strike action by workers at BAA airports in a dispute over pay ..."


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    For crying out loud, they are at it again. This is getting pretty boring. If they don't turn in for work, start disciplinary proceedings. All of us have to feel some of the pain of the recession in our jobs, they need to keep check with reality. I don't go off in a sulk everytime my job is not to my liking.

    Ruining hard working peoples holidays is nasty and vindictive and it is those customers who pay their wages
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    Less than half BAA emplyee's are members of the unite union, so unless unite pickets are going to get heavy handed (again) icant see how they are going to close all these airports.
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    Selfish selfish selfish people. In these hard times when there are millions of people who would love a job - ANY job - these people are striking because they're going to get a bit less money / benefits. Unbelievable.
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    I was all set to book my holiday tonight, flying from heathrow on the 28th August and now I don't know what to do. Why can't they just be thankful that they have a job? They are in a better situation than a lot of people.
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    Less than 37% of the 6185 staff voted for a strike, I wonder if a high court judge would call that 'overwhelming'.
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    What the Heck's it got to do with a High Court Judge.

    The UN Charter and ILO Conventions make clear that trade union rights are human rights and must not be subject to outside interference from government. Trade unions have the right to draw up their own constitutions and rule books, free from interference.

    The British Government is determined to prevent workers from organising, taking industrial action in support of their own wages and conditions or taking solidarity action to support other workers.
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    FACT is this strike doesn't have more than 50% support of the 6185 staff and should not take place.
    UNITE have failed to get enough support for a strike and need to get back around the negotiating table.
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  • Question.

    Say for example at today's(?) meeting between BAA and unite this happens:

    Unite want 5% rise and the £450 bounus
    BAA says they can't do 5% but can do 3% and a £200 bounus.

    Would Unite then have to go and ballot it's members on this new offer? Thus delaying the strike until they decide on the new offer?
  • OMG just sack the bloomin' lot of them that want to strike and give me a job!! I'm an unemployed NQT and would be grateful for a job at the minute! Needs must and all that. Company doesn't meet it's targets then no bonus, it's that simple. I'm raged!

    I'm actually due to fly from Heathrow on the 23rd for a holiday I've been waiting 2 years for. PLEASE DON'T RUIN MY HOLIDAY!!! I did however speak to my airline last night and they can't say anything or give out any options until next week but have said that they're hoping I will still fly despite any strike action. We shall see!

    Off to sort some travel insurance as per Martin's advice!

    Good luck to any of you flying over the next couple of weeks :)

    Danko xx
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    Phoned up Churchill and Direct Line both who said, we won't cover delays or cancellations due to impending BAA strike. Thus the MSE article is incorrect?

    (Had to phone, due to pre existing medical conditions).
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