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Hand-me-downs - for adults?



  • Is there anything other than a hand-me-down?? I think ive forgotten the art of shopping in high street stores for clothes.

    When I was pregnant with my son my aunty (who had 2 children and didnt want more) gave me all her baby clothes for both boys and girls for free up to the age of 7 in boys and 3 in girls.

    I also had her maternity wear. I often buy my clothes from ebay as a larger lady it can get expensive on the high street. Unfortunately for me larger clothing (anything over a 16) appears hard to get in my local charity shops but I do try.

    I have managed to save hundreds if not more by buying second hand.

    Certain things I wont budge on though, like shoes for my son (I want a good fit) and underwear.

    Other than that my motto is "If you don't want it, I'll have it!!"
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  • elf06
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    I'm with all of those above!! I met a friend of mine while we were pregnant (she had a girl, I had a boy) then later she went on to have her little boy. I sold a lot of my sons clothes on Ebay (I am a total shopaholic when it comes to my boys clothes but most are in sales or off ebay in the first place) but the bits that got missed got handed on to her for her son and at one point I even managed to completely clothe him for one age range haha. She repays the favour by giving me clothing that no longer fits her (I am marginally smaller than her) and things that have been bought for her that dont fit. This way her boy gets clothing that she doesnt need to pay for and I get some lovely clothes for me!!
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  • swishing is a trendy thing to do at the moment - effectively clothes swapping - started, I belive, in New York when the 'ladies who lunch' hit hard times & cdnt afford new outfits for every single ball, so they swapped - poor things! But the concept caught on & now swishing events take place all over - on a large scale (bigwardrobe) and small (I did one for friends, also one for the local scouts group as a fundraiser £3 inc glass wine, clothes free).

    Theres a website where anyone can list an event & you can search for local ones. Twiggy did a tv programme last year about it.

    I've had great stuff - the best ones: BNWT silk oasis dress, M&S winter coat, BN Next trouser suits, Levi jeans, a friend got a Usher evening dress for a work do she had to go to.

    But I agree, the High Street is over-priced rubbish mainly - 90% of my wardrobe is ebay (never pay more than £30 - had Precis, Karen Millen, Wallis, Jaeger), my sister (shopaholic) & swishing - its fun to try something you wdnt normally wear, all without it costing a penny & (usually) adding to the plastic debt - and if you don't like it, you take it back next time & swap for something else. And if your weight fluctuates or you're on a diet, its ace too like Chipps says.

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  • caseystar
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    Yes i do, my youngest sister and I are often swapping clothes, shoes,bags etc. My other sister recently bought two pairs of pants which were too small for her and she passed them to me. Unfortunately they were too big for me so my other sister got them.
    When i was pregnant with Ds i put on loads of weight i almost doubled in size, my best friend was on hand to help and gave me a load of clothes to fit. It has saved us all a fortune over the years. :T
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  • Oh yes, definitely!! My friends and i have given each other stuff before and it's great!

    I'm pregnant at the moment and got a bag full of maternity wear from one friend, which included some of the stuff i'd given her from my previous pregnancy at the beginning of hers. We have just said that we will keep it and pass it about friends as they all keep getting pregnant and popping out babies!! It's that timer of life it seems. :)

    I love the idea of a swishing party and i think i will bear that in mind to organise one in a few months (probably after this impending arrival turns a managable age and i have lost some baby weight).
    Sarah. :p
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  • Most of my clothes come from charity shops, it means I can wear brands I carnt normally afford. Have had a lot of brand new clothes from them. Also handy for books. One of my friends works in a hospital and they have sales to raise money of seconds/ex catologue stuff. All £1 an item, she gives me quite a lot of things from these sales. Even a lot of my furniture is 2nd hand. Im not proud lol:D
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  • lauhol1980
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    I do too!! My friend has just lost 3 stone doing Slimming World and she turned up the other day with a black sack of stuff for me that no longer fits her!!

    Although it has made me think about doing something about my weight! I've told her if I lose weight but always stay a size bigger than her all the way I'll just keep getting her old clothes as she loses more weight lol!!
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    Many years ago, a group of my friends and I seemed to be pregnant all the time and we passed round the maternity clothes as required, gave us all a great range of clothes at little cost. I still wear a coat and light jacket which belonged to my late mother....she died in 1994. I see no reason to bin good clothes which can be used by others.

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  • Just wanted to point people in the direction of - not just hand me downs of clothes for kids and grown ups but a fab way to get rid of your trash which is is someone else's treasure!
  • Lucie_2
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    As well as "garment recycling" amongst my female relatives, I'm also not too adverse to taking half decent clothes out of the lost property box at work! Nothing sweaty (I work in a gym), no swimwear or underwear & it has to be machine washable (twice). A couple of weeks ago I found a really nice cream American Eagle hoodie which my sister now has hanging in her wardrobe!
    I also very rarely buy shampoo or shower gel as people very kindly seem to use a bottle once & leave it behind - invariably a posher brand than I would buy as well.
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