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Hand-me-downs - for adults?

Valli Posts: 24,757 Forumite
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When my kids were younger I used to get given clothes for them which I always appreciated - in fact DD still gets a few garments from her older cousins.

But hand-me-downs for adults?

Last week I was gifted 4 pairs of sandals from my mum's friend (I'm the only one with the same size feet as her; mum and sisters all have dinky feet LOL) including a pair of Fly-Flots (like slippers they are - just what I need for my hols for sightseeing) and a pair of sandals that will be PERFECT with the outfit I bought (on sale;)) for my friend's wedding at the end of the month. 3 Jackets, too!

Now as I work part time (and income low enough to qualify me for free prescriptions) this is a much-appreciated wardrobe boost.

Anyone else wear other people's cast-offs?

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  • zarazara
    zarazara Posts: 2,264 Forumite
    Yes,, Me! i do.
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  • I would but I don't know anyone else as fat as me!!
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    CLARABEL Posts: 444 Forumite
    I sure do!

    In fact I have a small number of similar sized friends and we swap clothes when they don't suit or fit right. even stuff from charity shops is offered around if it's not right!
    I don't think it's much different to kids, just there's less growing out of stuff! ( kind of...)

    I especially love it when a friend loses weight.....i might be the fat one, but i get the cast offs!!! he he he:j

  • Tigsteroonie
    Tigsteroonie Posts: 24,954 Forumite
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    I do. I always come away from a stay at my parents with some items of clothing that my Mum has bought and now regrets or doesn't need. Last visit, I got a fleece coat (my Nan bought but then decided the collar was too high) and some capri pants. This visit I got three lovely linen work shirts (my Mum is now retired, and I'm about to start a new job!)
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  • Bitsy_Beans
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    I don't have cast off's very often but I never say no when I do :D
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  • jayII
    jayII Posts: 40,693 Forumite
    I wish! My family are all size 10's and I no longer am. ;):o

    My DD does though, she's an 8-10, so gets some lovely clothes given to her. :)
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  • juliejim
    juliejim Posts: 7,943 Forumite
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    I sometimes get some from my mum but I had a great big bag of clothes last week for the charity shop. A couple of my friends had a dig through it first and I ended up with not much more than a carrier bag full!
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  • I never say never! It's no different from Ebay etc. In fact my DH commented this morning how I was better dressed now I'm pregnant, due the fabulous bargains I picked up on Ebay and carboots!
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  • SailorSam
    SailorSam Posts: 22,754 Forumite
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    Last November some kids knocked on the door and said 'penny for the guy', and i thought well that's a bargain so i gave them a penny and am still wearing the guys clothes today.
    Does that count ?
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  • katholicos
    katholicos Posts: 2,658 Forumite
    I would but I don't know anyone else as fat as me!!

    Being a larger lady, i understand what you are saying. I have managed to make quite a few purchases from charity shops, but they are few and far between...sometimes there is nothing for months and then, like last month, i saw 4 lovely tops and bought them.
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