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Hand-me-downs - for adults?

edited 19 August 2010 at 4:38PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Fuzzy_DuckFuzzy_Duck Forumite
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    My friends and I will occasionally offer an item to each other if we no longer want something and know it's someone else's style. I remember ages ago I was shopping with a friend and we both wanted the same skirt- she saw it first so I let her have it (this was when I was young and stupid and didn't realise that it's perfectly okay to own the same stuff!) Some time later it was no longer her cup of tea so it came my way :D I still have it, even though I had to adjust it so it would fit me.
  • faladyfalady Forumite
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    I have given lots of stuff to a friend which I had got too big for or got bored of. She has also given me a few bits. I've also been given some maternity wear by another friend and will no doubt give/lend my maternity stuff to my best mate when she falls pregnant (might just be a loan as i'm planning on having another baby in a year or two!).

    I don't see anything wrong with it!
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  • ecoeco Forumite
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    me and my sister share some clothes, there's no point us both buying jackets and bags for posh nights out, we don't do it often enough, saying that she'd rob my footwear if we were the same size and it's not like she can't afford to buy them. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
  • ceridwenceridwen PPR
    11.5K posts
    There was a time when most of my clothes were secondhand one way or another - either pass-ons or I'd got them from having helped at jumblesales. I never "attended" a jumblesale - as I'd seen the way people "fought" to get to the tables and don't want to do things like that. But - as a helper the other side of the table I was able to pick things up I wanted sometimes.
  • FrugalistaFrugalista Forumite
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    My friend is the same size as me - she is also always going on diets and loosing weight. When she does, she gives me all her "fat clothes" (and I'm not too proud to take them :D). As she is quite well off, they are usually good makes.

    Invariably she puts all the weight back on - and so the cycle starts all over again. I have hardly had to buy anything new for years :o;):D. One of my best "hand-me-downs" was a £400 winter coat that she only wore a couple of times :cool:.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    absolutely I think of it as recycling rather than hand-me-downs .My DGS Ben is 14 and he gets stuff from his richer cousin Danny, as Dan grows out of it or gets fed up with it.Today we picked up a summer lightweight jacket and 8 topss for ben and they were all 'Ted Baker' ect which apparently is the 'in gear' for youngsters.Danny goes to the US around once a year either with his parents or as this year with his girlfriend and he loves to have a 'spend-up' in New York.He rarely buys much in the UK as he says he can get really good stuff at a better price over there.
  • Yes yes yes!!! my little sisters cast offs come to me as although she actually looks slimmer than me we take the same size clothes (she is a few inches taller)!!!
    I dont mind wearing last seasons clothes - but to her, thats anathema! so lucky me gets a good few outfits every few months (the expensive stuff though she sells on ebay).
    I also get home furnishings and ornaments. I tell her if everyone was like her there wouldnt be any antiques! anything over two years old would be binned if i didnt rehome them!
  • Domino9Domino9 Forumite
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    yes definately - most of my friends and I pass clothes around between us when we are done with them.

    If I'm having a clear out, they all get first dibbs before the charity shop, and vice versa
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  • ArilAril Forumite
    1.9K posts
    Yes. Have swapped a few items with friends over the years and the odd item that's been bought and turned out to be a mistake. Good recycling and no different in my book to buying from a CS, carboot, jumble etc:D Old Style Common Sense.
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    kipperskippers Forumite
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    edited 17 August 2010 at 4:26PM
    I would wear clothes that people pass on to me....but no one ever does....even if they did they probably wouldn't fit me as i'm a size 18 now!...Shame!...i'll have to keep visiting the charity shops.

    It doesn't bother me to wear other peoples clothes...it's more environmently friendly.

    This is a rhyme I read on here many moons ago....

    Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without

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