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Hand-me-downs - for adults?



  • Valli
    Valli Posts: 24,772 Forumite
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    a massive thank you to you all...

    I'm the poor mouse of the family (and my kids are told, pointedly, that those members of the family who APPEAR to be rich might actually be living on credit) but since I am in receipt of certain benefits we are definitely poorer.

    But whose kids eat (delicious) home made jam? and Twinks?
    Whose mum uses quidco?
    Whose clothes are line dried almost all year round? (and therefore smell fresher)

    Richness isn't just money - and if I can wear S/H so can they!

    My daughter, in particular, has really absorbed some of my MSE ways (mind you she never has liked parting with cash) but she is learning to compare prices, and realising that, if you are patient you save money in the long run - you don't need the latest *whatever* now
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    Thank you Honey Bear
  • I get hand-me-downs from my daughter. She's taller and skinnier but her tops look ok on me. She has pinched one of my leather belts recently and wore my work jacket when she went out. Almost everything else is from the charity shop.
  • Alizarin
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    I get hand-me-downs from my younger sister and have since we were in our early teens! I'm a size 8 and she's a 12, so the stuff she gives me is a bit big but I don't mind - it means I get to practice my (non-existent) sewing skills and I get snuggly jumpers for winter :D
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  • Thanks for an interesting thread, Valli.

    Yes, I often get hand-me downs. I also do charity shops and jumble sales. Once a year, my parents' Church has a large jumble sale and I help out sorting through the donations and, in return, get first pick of whatever's there. I've also got clothes from Freecycle before now!

    SailorSam - thanks for the chuckle!
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  • Chipps
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    Absolutely yes. I have just lost over 4 stone in weight and gone down from size 18 to 12, so in between was very happy to accept cast-offs to keep me decently clad in the interim sizes without spending.

    I also gave away most of my larger size clothes to charity shop, but the best outfits I gave to a like minded friend.

    When my youngest was small our mums & tots group used to have occasional clothing swaps. We could bring clothes - both children's & adults' - & take any we wanted (and of course take home any we brought which were not taken.) Apart from clothes, I remember getting a pair of football boots for my son. These mornings were good fun, social events, and very helpful at the time.
  • luxor4t
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    My sister's kids grew up wearing my kids clothes, a good half of which came from car boot sales in the first place.

    My mum's wardrobe is full of my 'old' clothes - now she drops hints when she sees me wear something she fancies!

    I buy from reduced racks, seconds shops, charity shops & E-bay.

    There's nothing wrong with doing this!
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  • inkie
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    Yes - I wear hand-me downs. In fact its vert rare that I buy anything new, and when I do, it's in the sale.

    I buy from jumble sales, carboots (last week got loads of jeans/jackets/trousers for 20p per item), and quite often am gifted from freecyle. I love it :-)
  • Hi,
    Yes, i get given clothes, and give clothes, my SIL tend to swap quite a lot, i sell things and buy more on ebay - i can't remember the time i last bought clothes in a shop as i get some amazing bargains on ebay. Only thing i wouldnt is shoes - as with my degree i know the kind of icky things that grow in shoes (if they are unworn not an issue)
    I also offer anything that doesnt go on ebay on freecycle as that is a brilliant website for picking up bits and pieces!
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  • esmf73
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    Heck yes - My friend used to buy great clothes, wear them for a season and then pass them on - I'd be quids in! Downside was when I had children and didn't need the super smart work clothes anymore!! Now I do charity shops, jumble sales, pass on what I can - and take what I can too. Downside of this is having just moved house I have HUGE boxes full of clothes that I'm waiting for my boys to grow into!!

    For me I only buy Mr T value jeans - if anything of mine is particularly great then it is from either ebay or a charity shop. :)
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  • I love rootling through charity shops - I normally aim for the curtains/duvet covers with the aim of transforming them into skirts or tops.
    The downside comes when I go through my stash (as I just have) to make things up, and find I've now got 9 new skirts but nowhere to store them! This would be because my wardrobe is full of boxes for the boys (aged 13, 4 & 2), all carefully labelled by age, for them to grow into! Shoes and underwear are always new for the intended person though lol.
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