August save on work lunches challenge

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August save on work lunches challenge

edited 12 August 2010 at 3:10PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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MrGreenMrGreen Forumite
577 posts
edited 12 August 2010 at 3:10PM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Hello everyone and welcome to the August save on work lunches challenge, now into it's eighth month.

Please let me know what your target is for August, for anyone new to this challenge, it's to help you reduce the amount of money you spend on lunches at work by bringing in food from home, you'll find lots of people on here to help you with ideas on what to do and keep you motivated though the challenge expecially now being summer it's a bit harder to remain focused. Why not enjoy the sun in the park with your own sandwiches or home made lunches, all the better when know you'll be saving money too.

I've posted the links to the previous months challenges below.


#1 - Mr Green - 2 bought lunches, the rest from home.
#2 - Nottoobadyet - No bought lunches
#3 - 415SanFran - 2 bought lunches in August
#4 - Danothy - Not buy any lunches at work for the whole month
#5 - fluterbye - bring lunch to work 3 days per week
#6 - Wee_Jo - 0 bought lunches for August
#7 - Mrs A - 0 bought sandwiches in work
#8 - Rachel021967 - 5 pack lunches a week
#9 - d3mon4ngel - one bought lunch this month
#10 - nodwah - 12/12 home made lunches
#11 - Jamrock - 0 lunches for August
#12 - swampduck - no more than 2 bought lunches
#13 - titchthepunkess - I aim to buy 3 lunches (on butty Friday) so 16/19 home lunches
#14 - eleanor73 - No bought lunches for the whole of august (including payday!!!)
#15 - josephine82 - 0 bought lunches this month
#16 - redcoltraine - No brought lunches, thats 18 in total
#17 - robfromdublin - 2 bought lunches in August
#18 - downcdebt - 0 lunches this month
#19 - La escocesa - 2 bought lunches only
#20 - PerfectPeaches - 14 days of home lunches
#21 - missworks2jobs - 4 or less lunches bought this month
#22 - Catwoman103 - No bought lunches in August
#23 - Reverbe - so far no bought lunches
#24 - ashbash11 - no bought lunches for the rest of august
#25 - GraciesGran - Lunches brought - 0
#26 - missworks2jobs - 4 bought lunches in the week

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  • danothydanothy Forumite
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    Ninth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Sign me up, I'll aim to not buy any lunches at work for the whole month.
    If you think of it as 'us' verses 'them', then it's probably your side that are the villains.
  • Sign me up, I'll bring lunch to work 3 days per week in August. Buying lunches at work is a major weakness of mine.
  • Wee_JoWee_Jo Forumite
    821 posts
    Hi Mr Green!! :hello:

    May I sign up for 0 bought lunches for August please? I would like to achieve 0 bought lunches in a whole quarter of a year!!

    Jo :)
    LBM 04/05/10 :T DEBT FREE 30/07/10 :j I made it!
    CHALLENGES: 0 bought lunches June or July :)
    Aug SoL: 15/21 June NSDs: 11/14 July NSDs 12/11 :j Aug NSDs: 5/12 Savings target: £500/5000
  • MRS_A_3MRS_A_3 Forumite
    113 posts
    Can I join please?

    I will aim for 0 bought sandwiches in work, I've got a week off in August so I had better make sure I achieve my target lol.

    I have just made my egg mago sarnies for tomorrow so that's a start. Being on this DMP thingy allows me £7 per week for lunches so I need to watch what I'm doing :)

    I also take cornflakes for my brekky which I have at about 10am so I'm including this in my £7 per week as well. i get my milk from Farmfoods cos it's 50p a pint in work!
    DMP member no 390

    Start date August 2010 - End date June 2019 (but working on it) Now down to September 2018 - now August 2017:j
  • Can you also sign me up. I don't work, but eating out with the kids rather than packing a lunch and eating it in the park is getting rather expensive. Can you put me down for 5 pack lunches a week.
  • MrGreenMrGreen Forumite
    577 posts
    Hello all and welcome to the challenge, #3 - 415SanFranbought, #4 - Danothy, #5 - fluterbye, #6 - Wee_Jo, #7 - Mrs A, #8 - Rachel021967.

    Great to see some new challengers, good luck everyone
    Nearly debt free
  • Hi!

    I'm only in work for 16 days, as I have a week off for my birthday and I don't have work on bank holidays :D

    Please sign me up for a max of one bought lunch this month, though fingers crossed for 16/16 ;)
    ::: Total Paid Since LBM (27/05/10): £4639.85 Official Debt Gone!! :T :::
    That money talks, I don't deny, I heard it once, it said "Goodbye"
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  • edited 2 August 2010 at 11:25AM
    nodwahnodwah Forumite
    1.7K posts
    edited 2 August 2010 at 11:25AM
    Right, i need to join in. I will be at work only 12 days this month (unless i get extra hours which might bring it up to 15).
    I used to only buy my lunch at the coffee shop as a Friday treat but I've been doing virtually every day lately so i must get out of the habit.
    That's between £3 to £4 every day:eek: and if I'm at the shop I might also buy the paper of a magazine so it must STOP!

    Okay I'll aim for 12/12 home made lunches
    Just call me Nodwah the thread killer
  • JamrockJamrock Forumite
    19 posts
    Hi Mr Green,

    I would love to join. Please can you sign me up for 0 lunches for August.

    Proud to be dealing with my debts.
    LBM May 2010 - Debt free [STRIKE]July[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]March 2012[/STRIKE]:jJune 2011

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  • swampduckswampduck Forumite
    929 posts
    Can you put me down for no more than 2 bought lunches please!

    Expect the worst, hope for the best, and take what comes!!:o
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