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'An act of genuine kindness to warm the heart' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

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  • toomanykidstoomanykids Forumite
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    toniq and easter are two of the kindest lovliest people I have ever spoken to, they do so much for so many people and ask for nothing in return. There are angels on earth and these are two of them.
  • hazyjohazyjo Forumite
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    Aww how lovely to see that Toniq's generosity has been formally acknowledged on Martin's blog. Please don't set me off again... I was in tears again last night as I told my hubby.

    Angels, indeed :D

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  • Oneday77Oneday77 Forumite
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    It is fantastic to see that people still get help and kindness on the forums.

    Lately there seems to be an increase in grumpiness but this act of generosity, I know there are more examples, places it all in the shade.
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  • How kind.
    My dad has a flat he rents out. Yesterday it was completely flooded by a burst pipe in the flat above - everything is totally ruined. The tenant arrived home to find the fire brigade on the scene. Luckily my dad is a decent landlord and an all-round good guy - he has put her and her two teenage kids up in a 4-star hotel with an open credit card, until the insurance company works something out, just so she doesn't have to worry about a roof over their heads. But that's not the kind gesture I want to tell you about - the guys across the hall (unaffected by the flood) brought the family in and made them dinner yesterday evening, just out of neighbourliness. A simple but so thoughtful gesture on a really traumatic day.
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  • nicsue44nicsue44 Forumite
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    A lovely story indeed.

    Don't forget to do your bit too. It doesn't have to be much, sometimes a coin to help out - the harrassed person in a supermarket, the confused pensioner in a carpark - it can turn a bad day into a good one.
  • clairewopclairewop Forumite
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    what a lovely story, in my eyes if you can't help someone in need, then its not worth being on this earth.
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  • Eric_PischEric_Pisch Forumite
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    it restores my faith in humanity again
  • GamegalGamegal Forumite
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    My sister was 60 recently & her old laptop wasn't working so I bought her a 15" Toshiba.

    It's so nice to be able to give to others & often it doesn't have to cost you. Just friendship goes a long way.

    Like nicsue says 'it can turn a bad day into a good one'.
  • catfleacatflea Forumite
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    Thats an amazing story. Dont know either poster but wow! Thats Fabby - good on you Toniq!

    Puts my paying for a very poor (on tax credits ONLY) friends deed poll to shame really. (And yes, she did NEED said deed poll)
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    wokkieswokkies Forumite
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    toniq and easter are two of the kindest lovliest people I have ever spoken to, they do so much for so many people and ask for nothing in return. There are angels on earth and these are two of them.
    I agree, I was upset when I couldnt win a camera on many comps and Toniq sent me a brand new one she had won just in time for me to take pics of my 16year old on her prom day. I dont know Toniq in real life, only know her through comping and she is the best friend anyone could have. There are many other things I could say about Toniq but I dont want to embarrass her anymore, defineatly one in a million.:A:A:A
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