August 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • I was hoping for a NSD today. Still £1 for 2x4 pints of milk at MrT is not bad.
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    After saying I didn't need anything I've been and spent another £11.05 in Mr M :o

    They've got the Fibre plus bars on BOGOF so had to get 6 boxes :eek: plus a few other necessities.....

    I really need to stay away from the shops. Thankfully I'm back to work Monday so I'll be away from temptation.
    Merry Christmas
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    As paydays 15th august challange starts here hate starting later than others

    After a serious overspend last month trying again.

    Went to farmfood for 1st time bulk brought milk as 2 4pints for 1.50 we been paying 1.56 in sainsburys and brought 8.
    Sugar 58p a pack brought 6
    hovis 2 for quid so 50p each brought 6.
    lots of frozen veg, chips ect quite impressed.

    Went to butchers spent 27quid brought huge gammon joint as we like our proper ham and its pricey so hoping saving there, lots of beef for casserole, some lovley steaks eating tonight and lots sausages will freeze sausage casserole and bangers and mash.
    Also lots of bacon-we like bacon in pasta a cheap way to add meat for meat loving hubby.

    Spent 6quid in newfarm shop was hoping it be cheap and looking for huge bag of poatoes but sadly found neither.

    So far spent 106/250budget would prefer 200 but hubby thinks 250 more realistic will see.

    Hes just gone sainsburys shopping for his mother and getting few bots probably 5-10quids worth as well as filling up with petrol and getting his fags.
    will update later.

    Still working out meal plans for august as hubbys fed up of lasagne so think im planning on batchcooking and freezeing

    bangers and mash
    shepards pie
    fish pie
    beef pie.
    cornish pasties.

    Not sure what else need inspiration.

    will go co-op sunday in hope of good reductions.everything else too pricey.

    will go lidls and morrisions proabably next week then bar milk and bread I hope we done for month.

    Need to step up the biscuits and cakes as dident do as much as I wanted last month.

    This month need to buy more sugar, flour, butter and eggs.

    Freezers worrying full mostly with foraged fruit so might have to start the jams and chutneys soonish.
    pad by xmas2010 £14,636.65/£20,000::beer:
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    new grocery challenge £200/£250 feb

    KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON:D,Onwards and upward2013:)
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    just popping in to report NSD today :j
    Having a chinese later but im not buying :j so even better :)
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
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    CupOfChai wrote: »
    I'd grate in just a square or two to a quite big panful. You aren't meant to taste chocolate at all, it just imparts a sort of richness and depth of flavour to the chilli rather than being another flavour itself, so don't worry about it making the chilli sweet and chocolatey or anything like that. Unless of course you sling the entire bar in there! If you think about it, the sort of very dark chocolate like this that you are meant to use has a kind of savoury taste rather than being sweet anyway.
    Well I was using mini-Hershey bars! (We get buy them every blue moon from Costco) The dark ones are the last to go so I added 2 bite size bars, about 2 normal choclate squares to a very large pot. So I'd try one for a normal pan of chilli.

    It didn't taste at all of chocolate, just richer somehow.

    Hope that helps

    Winky x

    Thanks to both of you for your replies. I'll probably make some in the next couple of weeks so will give it a go!

    Officially I spent today, but it won't be counted. Approximately £15 on cakes for work (it's my birthday tomorrow). But I didn't realise it is also someone elses too, so we'd both brought cakes etc in! Usually the amount i'd bought would easily have been eaten by everyone, but not today so there was quite a lot leftover which some people took home and we've kept some for next week. I knew I should have taken them in on Monday! I have 5 chocolate doughnuts, 2 apple pies, a bakewell tart and some caramel shortbread stuff, so will attempt to freeze some and eat what definitely won't freeze...what a shame :p

    Took 5 courgettes off my plants when I got home (woohoo!) so will use them up during the week.

    I'm out with my brother and sister tomorrow so will probably do a bit of shopping then. We're going out for dinner and then to the theatre so should be a nice day :)
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    russetred wrote: »
    Just updating my totals.Still not spending much with all the gifted food I got from SIL freezer disaster.I had some conditional spends for MrT so stocked up on shaving gel and deoderant but it feels funny having to run past the reduced section so I dont get tempted! Off out for lunch tomorrow for my birthday.Free ferry to an island restaurant and always take small bottles of wine and a diddy wee cake for scoffing on the beach afters.It better be sunny! Take care.

    that sounds idyllic - I see you are on a wee island on the west coast of Scotland, there could be no place better sitting on a beach with a bottle of wine, some of these beaches are fantastic I hope you get the weather you are looking for - the east coast is to have lovely sunny weather - for a change:jso hopefully we can share it with you too!
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    Walked into town this afternoon and bought some bits, including poundshop academic diaries, apples for my jam, and lots more. I trawled all over to get the best/cheapest offers, and only spent £11.28, on lots of things I really needed. :)

    Off to update siggy.
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    Hello there, got my week's shop in tonight so adding £21.60 to bring me up to £63.83 thus far. Yikes, getting close to target now! Need to pop in over the weekend or on Monday for a bag of pasta and one of rice, I didn't get these while I was there tonight in the end as my basket was already quite heavy and I thought it would be quite a struggle to carry it all back if I added another 2kg to the weight.
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    Ok, i haven't adjusted my signature yet but before i forget i want to mention that yesterday i spent 39p on a cake and today i spent £4 in the Co-op and £5.10 in Asda on groceries. Well chuffed though because in ASda i picked up 3 x pilau rice whoopsied to 20p each and 3 x thai curry (had been priced at £2.98 each previously!) etc for 20p each and these can all be frozen. I also picked up crusty batons x 3 at only 3p each and i bought 5 x jars of smartprice sweet and sour sauce because i want the jars for chutney making and i love sweet and sour sauce meals. All in all i am thrilled with my bargains. Will go and adjust my siggy now.
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    £15 spend on my yummy monthly take away :) will update my sig in a mo! I am away next week so no food needed, and then will think about food after that!

    Have a good day all :)
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