A Payment A Day - Part 9

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  • boysmaboysma Forumite
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    Morning all

    Belated happy birthday greetings to Gilli, Andy and Siliquai:beer:

    10.00 please today to cap one and 2.00 to isa savings today making a total of 12.00 please Angelic.

    Will catch up later folks:A
    Payment A Day £15 (started 17/5/14) :j
  • gilligansylegilligansyle Forumite
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    Belated Happy Birthday to my birthday twin LondonAndy.

    PaD is a small but predicable £1
    Debts at LBM - Mortgages £128497 - non mortgage £27497 Debt now £[STRIKE]114150[/STRIKE][STRIKE]109032[/STRIKE] 64300 (mortgage) Credit cards left 0

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  • WeskerWesker Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    £90 today please :T
    Errrr...come back later ;)
  • euronorriseuronorris Forumite
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    Morning All!

    Another PAD of 51.74 GBP to the Halifax CC.

    God, I'm looking forward to making more than minimum payments to that one. It's quite depressing only reducing the balance by 5 quid each month! lol

    Hope all are well. I'm knackered. OK, but knackered. I collect my new glasses tonight though :) I was finally able to collect the portable sat dish that OH ordered last night, and then got stuck at the bus stop for an hour as I just missed a bus and it then switched from 3 an hour to 1 an hour. Chatted away to OH for about 45 minutes on the phone though, made it seem quicker. And saved us having to hire a car to collect it. Ruddy DHL depot in the middle of nowhere! And the stupid dish kept bashing against my leg, have a nice bruise now! lol

    Must stop whinging, I'm such a grumpy so and so when I'm tired. If we get this report finished at work, I might see if I can leave early as also need to pick up hayfever tablets and eye drops and the chemist shuts at 6pm. We'll see.

    I doubt I'll get a special mention for today's PAD, but that's OK, cos I already got two :) Thanks for being counter upper Angelic! Do we have a volunteer for August?

    November wins: Santa Decoration & Pumpkin Seeds, Popcorn Maker, FireCuda 530 1TB SSD, Cinema Tickets, bag of chocolate, Revolution Advent Calendar
  • jwiljwil Forumite
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    Apologies I haven't padded this month very much, I've been so skint! Haven't kept up with the thread either.

    Anyway, DH has given me bill money today, so £25 to CC1, £200 to CC2 and 8p to the coke bottle. A total of £225.08 please angelic
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • true27true27 Forumite
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    I promised myself when the new thread started I'd come back and join in, hope you don't mind

    Me too!! £3.55 from me today :) xx
    Paddle #8 DFW Nerd #1284
  • Hello everyone, well, a shiny new thread eh? no fingermarks or dust or sticky ringmarks from coffee cups, not even a crumb from a stolen biccy or four .......

    Pad today of £100 to the loan and 17p to shrapnel jar hope that it will be bigger soon, but have to pay £1200 to builders for re-rendering the front of the house. Ah well
  • jwiljwil Forumite
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    Another PAD of £1 each to my new savings and current account so a further £2 from me please!
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • KeppKepp Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Morning all, £20 to MBNA today please :D
    Debt at LBM Apr 2010 £28,767 Debt free as of Nov 2013 :j
  • Morning Padders!!

    The total for July 38th was £4303.18!
    The special mentions go to Wesker, Thrifty, mumof4, Andy, Comp and Sashanut! Well Done Padders! :D

    Sasha - Where does all you money come from?! :p

    I had a really nice day out yesterday...and I'm now ashamed (I wasn't yesterday) to say that I've spent a fortune! :p

    I couldn't resist the bargain petrol though...only 112.9p a litre, I had to have it! :D
    Started PADdin' 13/04/09 paid £7486.66 - CC free 02/11/10
    Aim for 2011 - pay off car loan £260.00 saved
    Nerd No. 1173! :j
    Made by God...Improved by the The Devil :D
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