O2 / HTC dissapointment.

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My (re-furbished) XDA Trion phone's broke down, so I tried to call O2 Returns helpline.
It said the number was free from my phone. However after being on hold (For 13mins 22secs) I got through -Spoke to Chivonne who was nice enough but she told me my current phone was no longer available so I could pick one of the following: Xda Zest, Xda Ignito, Xda Serra or some other crappy N6500 or 6600.
Anyway I called back to say I would have the Xda Serra (another 11mins 51 later) I spoke to someone else called Ashley who told me that phone was out of stock and to call back tomorrow, she said they usually come in after 10am.

After seeing my credit was now £3 I called O2 customer services to complain that after calling THEIR returns help line it had cost me £7. They said because the returns line was was an 0844 number they couldn't refund me.

It even says on the website (From your O2 mobile, Dial 0870 600 3009 Charges: Free). I had no credit on the phone in the first place so it just keept diverting me to the top-up line.

Anyway I took my faulty (5th or 6th phone I had had back from O2 and it was still under warranty)

Took it to the shop at Meadowhall, they took it away to be looked at.
They said the faulty system board was due to user damage and I could send it away to HTC to look at at my own cost, which I did.

They sent it back saying it was user damage and would cost £300+ to get it repaired. What a rip off sad.gif
House buying fell through. Lost £1731.24 :(
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