'Do you believe in the BBC licence fee?' poll discussion



  • I object to paying towards the massive salaries of the BBC self created "celebrities". I also do not like paying towards the cost of their holidays and special events, such as sending weather people to all the sporting events, or every news reporter to south africa when the world cup is on.
    Each time there is an event on sunny or glamorous foreign soil a multitude of BBC news teams descend on the place, one for each period of the day, for each different TV channel/radio program. (all travelling first class and staying in first class accomodation of course)
    We should be given the choice of whether we wish to watch and pay for BBC or not, I'm sure they would be a bit more frugal with the funds if people were allowed not to. If a privately funded broadcaster wastes money it is the subscribers who pay, when the BBC wastes money we all pay.
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    carlw wrote: »
    Who cares if they watch f1 on BBC or ITV, let ITV pay not the licence fee payer.

    I think most F1 fans care!
    It was always very tiresome to have the action constantly interrupted by commercial breaks :eek::eek:
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  • The BBC is the only broadcaster that is able, through their funding structure, to offer something to practically everyone.

    If they had to attract advertising revenue they would be further sucked into the ratings war, making their output suitable for the lowest common denominator and joining a race to the bottom with Sky.

    If they could only raise capital through a voluntary subscription then the fee for those that chose to have the BBC services would be higher and the audience for which a lot of the community programming is made would be lost.
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    i started using the internet 10 years ago , as i spent more and more time on PC for work , and entertainment i spent less and less on tv , and as time went by i found the ads on tv irritating on-line you can use adblock and script block to remove them .
    I also noticed better news and news not distorted by beeb .
    I then wondered why i was paying so much for a TV licence when i spent less than 2 hours a week on it , and then just watch news that when i look on-line, has better coverage and truthfulness , so i got rid of TVs do i miss them ?
    not one bit ! , i find them irritating to the ex-stream now and wonder why i ever had one ! , and find i get more done , and do more with out it , best thing i ever did dump TV , and money i saved from no longer need licence , bought multimedia surround sound PC .
    TV licence poor value for money TV waste of time , dump the TV licence make beeb free basic TV , and stop paying top executives and witless presenters bundles ! , i mean count down survives now paying less to presenters does it not ?
    same for all TV programmes get in new talent on less money and run a basic TV package for people that really need or want it ,or who can not afford cable , etc .
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    The license fee is a SCAM, not worth it in my veiw, where dose all the money go to? i wonder will we be forced to pay for a PC licence in time to come, cos now we can watch the beeb programs on the PC????
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    The BBC, as well as all the other broadcasters, seems to put the same tosh out, repeating programmes, sometimes within weeks. I can live with a repeat if, for instance, it was originally shown on BBC3 or BBC4, then moves to BB! or BBC2, as some people just do not normally watch BBC3 or BBC4. However, repeating rubbish property programmes, or antique programmes, or cookery and travel programmes, leaves me cold. If they repeat programmes, thus saving money, I want my licence fee chopped. Thank goodness for the radio. Radio 4, and the World Service, never let you down.
  • I'm happy to pay the licence fee.

    Watching programmes without adverts is insanely refreshing after being interrupted every 10-15 minutes on commercial channels. Some of them are awful!

    I'll admit that the BBC possibly has some way to making sure all of the programmes are at a high standard, but some certainly are. I worry about some of the midweek daytime content, but that could be because it's aimed at a different demographic.
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    The BBC do show ads anyway - how often do they advertise their own products in between programs ?!
  • With so many radio and television chanels being available on the internet plus English Speaking Broadcasts worldwide The BBC should STOP it's worldwide broadcasting and concentrate on the UK. We do not have an Empire to support and update on what is happening at home on a daily basis. I will not mention the exorbatent salaries and fee paid to broadcasters as that is another subject. In this age of austerity cost savings must be made.
  • I can't understand what all the fuss is about, scrap the licence fee, charge for the service, those who want the Beeb pay and get it, those who don't, don't.

    Simples !

    (Darn those pesky adverts !)
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