'Do you believe in the BBC licence fee?' poll discussion



  • jessilu1 wrote: »
    ..and again :T:T:T my sentiments exactly

    BBC is great value for money. Licence fee worth it for the joy of Radio 4 alone. Website / Listen Again / Watch again - fantastic service.
  • lucylucky
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    BBC is great value for money. Licence fee worth it for the joy of Radio 4 alone. Website / Listen Again / Watch again - fantastic service.

    The new News website is horrible.
  • dronid
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    I watch far more of the BBC than any other channel. We have freeview after I realised that I watch far more there than I ever did on Sky. However ITV1 should show people what the BBC could become. It's job is to provide something for everyone. To be fair I would pay for the license fee for Doctor Who, QI, a good chunk of their comedy and the news (yes, not a fan of the new news website). I understand that people object to paying a flat rate tax for a service that they may not use - personally it would be nice if it could be on a sliding scale according to income but that would be hell to organise. However what it does produce compared to the alternatives far outweigh the costs. If the government funded it directly you'd probably never notice the difference but it would leave the BBC under the control of the government and we have enough of that with the press. I can't think of anything on ITV1 that people watch apart from reality TV, which cost little as people already pay a tax to watch that in order to vote and of course Coronation Street.

    We are the envy of the world! Have you ever watched TV in other countries? It's either rubbish or our stuff. America produces some good stuff but the population is huge so the income is huge. And they have adverts in some programmes every 3 minutes that last longer!

    Yes, they could tighten up their act and we should ensure that they're running efficiently but to do without them and rely on advertisers to judge what they're prepared to support would leave us with unchallenging, non-controversial programming.

    And it's worth remembering the commercial channels produce what they do to compete with the BBC. It drags up the quality of TV accross the board. Without it quality would sag like a set of Primark knickers after some heavy washing and would be as interesting to see.

    So do you want saggy Primark knickers? Do you?

    I could make it better myself at home. All I need is a small aubergine...

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  • Bojangles_3
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    I can't watch commercial TV. The ads are too long and annoying. Occasionally I'll record a good drama so I can forward fast the ads, but that's it.

    I'd never get Sky, as Murdoch is far too powerful and commercial. Nothing wrong with making money, but Fox in the US is a prime example of idiot TV. I mean really. Those poor folks that believe that stuff! Haha. You've got to laugh.

    My kids only watch CBeebies otherwise they'd get pelted with ads to be little brats and demand MacDonald's every day. No. Not for us.

    The BBC news is barely watch able, I prefer Ch4 or Newsnight, as at least they look in depth & have air for debate around them. Who knows...I'm out of touch with 'middle-England', but it's better than Sky or ITV news.

    BBC dramas could employ newer talent - fed up of seeing same few faces!
  • creatz
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    why is everyone so focused on the fact that there happy to pay and be rid of the ads ?
    The bbc have the technology to encrypt there programming from the digital switch over.
    PAYG / Yearly Subscriptions without ads

    but no they wont because it's a Guaranteed source of money
    coming from the people who do not wish to watch the crap they broadcast
    but if we dont pay we can be locked up for it
    Its a forced upon TAX ..... my friend came to the uk for 6 months from the (LAND OF TAX USA) And couldn't believe we had a TV TAX,he was gob smacked

    All the people who enjoy the bbc programes could all pay there subscriptions and unlock the
    service to there televisions.
    and give all those a break who dont wanna be out of pocket £145 a year.
    the only person these idiots lock up for not paying this forced upon TAX is the poor.

    Its an out dated law and should be changed.
    give the people the freedom to choose what they watch !
  • I think it's a shame that people are so self interested nowadays that the biggest vote so far is for "ads" when so many people around the world benefit from the bbc. In the grand scheme of things, £140ish doesn't hurt me therefore I am happy to pay to get ad free tv, radio, web and knowledge that thousands of others around the world are benefiting. Of course, I could so easily opt for the "I get nothing therefore why should I pay" mentality but that ain't me. I mean, if you have that attitude, you could surely take issue with every single penny of tax you pay.
  • Paul_Herring
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    j_jay4 wrote: »
    Seriously how can anyone deny the BBC of the license fee, it is one of the best organisations on the planet producing a huge amount of entertainment, Ad-Free!!!!!!

    The BBC is most certainly not Ad-Free.

    How can you fail to notice of all the cross-channel promotional slots - Eastenders on Radio 2, Radio 1 on BBC, BBC Three everywhere and so on and so-forth?

    They even manage to get slots mid-programme when they promote their own programmes on the news.

    If they're going to have adverts (since I don't seen them stopping the ones they have at the moment) get rid of the fee and start charging others to place ads.
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  • tabbycat2k
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    j_jay4 wrote: »
    Seriously how can anyone deny the BBC of the license fee, it is one of the best organisations on the planet producing a huge amount of entertainment, Ad-Free!!!!!! The BBC is a godsend and let it live a long and prosperous life, at least until my hearing has left and I am no longer subject to the torturous lyrics of webuyanycar.com

    :TI agree wholeheartedly. It is bliss to watch without ads, bliss!:T
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    When I moved into my own place recently, I had to decide between having a TV or a good broadband package as I'm on benefits. I chose to go with broadband and watch all my TV on catch-up on-line. Not having a licence means I can't watch 'live' programmes, but that's a small price to pay. It's been nearly 3 months now and I don't miss having a TV or the bill to watch it.
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    Saucepot wrote: »

    Would you accept a newspaper tax? That you could not buy a newspaper unless you first bought a copy of the guardian?

    Scrap the TV poll tax!

    But you are forced to buy something you haven't necessarily asked for. You can't buy a newspaper without ads, loads of them, and it's the same with independent TV. Some of the channels have so many ads that I have been known to give up and just turn off the telly rather than watch any more. But it's not just about seeing programmes free from interruption. Most of the time the programmes I want to see are on the Beeb, because they produce better quality stuff. I don't want tons of rubbish on the cheap. If that's the 'choice' I'd rather turn off the telly and get on with something else. There are sometimes good programmes on other channels too, but the Beeb don't have to keep chasing the lowest common denominator and maxing the audiences so as to please their advertisers. They can afford to make more unconventional programmes and take risks. Having said all that...I do notice the BBC getting more and more like the commercial stations and dumbing down their offerings. A shame.
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