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Hi, does anyone have any experience with on-line will writing services or any recommendations?


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    Not free or online :( but worth a mention I think!

    This service is a charity which shall for the month of November put you in touch with a local solicitor who'll do your will in return for a donation to the charity.

    The donations aren't fixed although the suggested donations are in line with what the solicitor would charge.
  • i tried http://www.ukwritingexperts.co.uk/ and they had satisfactory services.
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    I used one, cannot remember the name but it was based in Northern Scotland. They did make an effort but it was a long time before the printed will came along. I have a law degree so know some of the pitfalls. Many of these online companies use software designed to try and make things easy but they do not suit complex cases. Also many home made wills fail for lack of proper signature & witness procedures. There is a service where people will visit you at home whcih sounds a better idea. What with tax implications for many estates it is wise to do it properly
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    Garbage in = garbage out.

    I have tried numerous of these sites and I have always managed to get them to produce a Will which is nonsense.

    I am a lawyer and I can tell a rubbish Will when I see one. Do you have the skills and the knowledge to be able to do the same?

    Avoid on line will services at all costs.
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    I also feel best option is get it done by solicitor. May charge anything from £60-£160.
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    Go to a solicitor - you get what you pay for :)
  • Dippy Chick is right, go to a solicitor especially if your will is even slightly complex. We used a will writer last year, it cost over three hundred quid and was absolutely worthless even though they'd been recommended and we explained very carefully what we wanted. I really could have done a better job myself. To give them credit though they did give us our money back.

    Also if you're in a union you can often get a will done free. I'm in the TGWU and got one done free about 6 years ago, only had to pay for my spouse. As I remember it was about £60 as it was very simple and we had beggar all anyway.The only drawback is that you do have to use their recommended solicitor and they are often quite a trek from where you live(which is why we used a will writer as my OH is now disabled and he came to the house)
  • gmb do free will service and even did one for my husband who is not in a union they sent out a form we filled it in they checked and recomended changes then sent out a final copy to sign and they store it for you as well
  • Ring around local solicitors and you will find their charges are something like £100 for a single will and £200 for a couple.A Solicitor will do a home visit and probably will not charge extra if you are disabled and unable to get to the office. That way you have peace of mind.
  • I had my Will done it costs a hell of a lot less than £100 to £200! Basically, I can make as many changes as I want and it doesn't cost me a penny. And all I pay is a monthly fee. I must have paid about £30 for it, and this was through a very good friend of mine.

    Whatever you do, DON'T get a bank to hold the will for you; they'll charge you a fortune, especially if you want to make changes. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!!!!
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