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  • I know you did, but as I have said, the loan is due by the end of today so there is NOTHING to complain about YET..I am just aware of the other issues people have had with toothfairy so thought there is nothing wrong with gaining as much advice and wisdom about this SPECIFIC COMPANY from people on a HELP AND SUPPORT FORUM.

    Is that ok for you??
  • Apples is correct - you won't get a reply from their address and they certainly won't sign for anything.

    Complain to the FOS and if TFF follow procedure (they never used to), they should hold off on you for eight weeks whilst the FOS investigate. It's worth constantly stressing that they're in breach of rules set for their parent company by the OFT and make the OFT aware of the problems.

    Speak to Consumer Direct too.
  • Thanks for the advice dentist, much appreciated, the only thing is I technically have nothing to complain about yet - I will write a letter anyway and await a response and document all the texts/emails and letters I get. I decided today to stop stressing about it and realise they cannot do anything to me. I know they wont be raiding my parents home. Im not going to answer my phone to any number I dont recognise. So Ill just take it day by day!
  • MSantanaMSantana Forumite
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    Many thanks to Coco1277 and DizzleUK for this, i used parts from the letters you both posted and amended to my situation and the results have been good!

    So.. I went through months of only being able to make small payments to my outstanding balance with TF as i was struggling financially, until it got worse and i wasn't able to pay anything at all for a few months. I did try to come to agreements with themselves, NDR and MH to no avail. Asking for nothing less then £100, they (NDR) were rude and didn't want to hear anything unless i made that payment. I received all the usual threat letters, phone calls, emails, texts and really was coming to the end of my tether, until one day TF emailed me stating that they had agreed for payments of £54 a month!?! (I didn't agree this and duno what happened to £100 ONLY??) Anyway i was still unable to pay that so since that agreement was made over 3months ago i haven't paid anything. TF and NDR had contacted me last week with a reminder email to pay the £54 on Friday. I am back in work now and was being paid that day, so made the payment as requested. Only today had i realised that they'd taken 3 other payments of £200, £150 and £100 on the early hours of Monday morning. I was not notified of this at all and it put me in a deep mess as this was nearly all of my wage gone already and i still had other creditors to pay. I was obviously unhappy about this so decided action must be taken. This is the email i sent to every email address i could find for TF, NDR and MH:
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing today regarding my account # 000000

    I sincerely wish to settle this matter as quickly as possible, however, due to the seriousness of the situation and my current financial position to which I have already advised you of, I have sought advice from OFT on how best to resolve this. I will now only be communicating in writing (email is fine) as I have found your agents to be very bullying and inconsistent in the information they give.

    I am quite disappointed by your lack of notice of taking three payments from my account in one day. £200, £150 then £100 was taken from my account on 03/10/2011 without notice or any communication apart from confirmation of payment emails. This money was to pay for other bills and if wasn’t available in my account I would have incurred further bank charges. Instead I am now left with no money make other payments and therefore will be charged and owe out even more anyway. Can you please justify why you have taking each of these payments without notifying me? Also in the email it states that the payment has “been automatically processed by the Toothfairy systems”, could you explain how this works and the reasoning behind the amounts and timing of these payments? I have been made aware that if we have formed and agreement and payment was made that this shouldn’t happen.

    The OFT have advised me to remind you of the debt collection guidelines:

    f. pressurising debtors to pay in full, in unreasonably large instalments,
    or to increase payments when they are unable to do so
    2.9 Charges should not be levied unfairly
    d. applying unreasonable charges, for example, charges not based on actual costs
    g. failing to refer on to the creditor reasonable offers to pay by instalments
    e. applying charges which are disproportionate to the main debt
    and necessary costs

    As I have stated in previous emails peoples circumstances can rapidly change which mine have an advised you I am in financial difficulties and am not ignoring you nor am I refusing to pay the £54 per month on the original loan including the interest. I made the agreed payment of £54 on 30/09/2011. However I have been unhappy and sceptic over the amount of charges that have been added from the original balance and have been advised as to attain from yourselves an outstanding balance, along with all fee’s and charges with the reasoning behind them (again email is fine).

    I would, prefer to settle these issues quickly and amicably with yourselves without further action on either side. If because I feel what you have done is not correct, and because I am questioning you would ‘fast-track’ my file for a court judgement so be it. I am not refusing to make the agreed payments and am willing to increase this as soon as my circumstances improve in order to pay back what I owe. However, I cannot allow payments to be made in the scenario outlined above whereby you take money from my account without notice and if need be will be seeking further advice on this matter.

    I look forward to your considered reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Although i was told not to speak to them on the phone i felt i had to as it could be weeks before id even get a response. So 2 hours after the email i tried to ring TF but could never get through, so rang NDR and something very strange happened. I questioned the lady for around 15mins about the payments which had been taken out and she couldn’t explain why they were ‘the computer does it randomly’ she told me. She kept stating how much i owed and even tried to get me to make another payment! No Chance! I went through everything i stated on the email with her, along with several of TF’s agreement t&c’s, such as:

    6. All sums owed under this Agreement shall become due and payable immediately upon us giving notice if:
    (a) any sum due is overdue by more than 14 days;
    (b) you have provided us with any false information when you entered into this Agreement; or
    (c) a statutory demand is served on you or any other steps are taken by you or any other person to make you bankrupt.

    She could give NO clear answers at all on this and just kept backtracking to the ‘you owe over £1000 sir’. I then went on to questioning the fee’s some of which had been added to my balance before specified action was even taken!?! (such as acceptance of case file from NDR, solicitors instructed, missed payments etc.) The agent was becoming increasingly under pressure throughout the call as she was unable to answer the questions i was putting forward and eventually seemed to crack. I heard a male voice (maybe the manager) cut into the telephone conversation at this point for around 5 seconds whilst the agent was silent, but couldn’t clearly hear what was said. Then all of a sudden she came back on the phone as calm as you like stating that if i paid £56 today or tomorrow the rest of the debt would be wiped out!?!?!?
    Now I’m not complaining as i thought id have to pay the full £1450, but i am majorly baffled as to why for around 6-8months they would chase such a large sum in the ways they have and now say all of the rest can be written of after the £56 payment.

    Could somebody please explain this to me? Have they done something seriously wrong in terms of my agreement, OFT guidelines or something like that, or does this happen a lot? Just don't understand why they changed their minds so suddenly.

    Thanks :)
  • If it isn't in writing, it didn't happen.

    You pay £56 now, and in a couple of weeks they will be hounding you again, "but you said the loan would be clear", you will say.

    "Sorry, we don't know what you are talking about" they will say.

    We don't say make sure it is all in writing for fun, there is a reason for it.

    How much did you spend making that phone call to them (giving them even more of your money)?
  • MSantanaMSantana Forumite
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    Hi Apple2,

    I requested it in writing by email and post several times during the call, they finally sent me this in an email this morning confirming once the payment was paid my account would be closed. Is that good enough, or do u think I need a letter?

    Also I was on the phone for around 5minutes from my phone, at which point I told the lady my credit was going and she called me back :)

    Is it normal for them to do this, and is this just another tactic of theirs to get me to pay something?

    Thanks for the help :)
  • DizzleUK wrote: »
    They will NOT visit your house. This is a scare tactic.
    If anyone from such a company turns up on your doorstep, tell them to Foxtrot Oscar and if they refuse, call the police.

    As for the bit in your post that I have highlighted, I doubt this is true. Debt just doesn't get "voided" like that. But as I said, they won't visit anyway.
    I had a visit saturday 9/12/2011 about 8pm.the debt this thug was looking for didn't belong to me ,but because the debt is of my son who no longer lives with me. This very big overpowering man says because i am his mum, i have to pay it. He says he will give me 2 weeks and he will be back. I have got paniky and keeping doors locked.
  • So the bully boy reckons he will come back to your house on xmas eve does he?

    When he turns up, not so politely advise him through the letterbox or through a window that he is tresspassing. If he refuses to leave, call the police and tell them a breach of the peace is going on. Don't tell him you have called the police just wait and watch until they turn up.

    I would personally talk to him through the letterbox until they turn up.
    Debt free as of 7.20am on 31st December 2012.

    Wow. Feels great :j :beer:
  • Just call the old bill or tell him to go do one.
    "We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!"
  • My situation:

    - I owed £544 originally
    - I then joined this plan for £1040 because I was scared of them.
    - I paid £240 to them to date
    - I cant afford it anymore so they told me I now owe £1000 in total despite my previous payments
    - I offered them £76 for 4 months so that I would have paid off the total £544 but they declined.

    What should I do kind regards
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