Money Moral Dilemma: Should I pay the window cleaner?

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Should I pay the window cleaner?
On my street a few houses have the letter "A" after the number. I don't get my windows cleaned but my neighbour does and I often come home to find a note saying mine have been done. When the window cleaner comes to collect his fee he gets annoyed if I won't pay him - yet I've never asked him to clean the windows. Should I start paying or keep refusing?
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  • hardpressed
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    If you haven't asked him to clean your windows then don't pay him.
  • DrScotsman
    DrScotsman Posts: 996 Forumite
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    Unless your house's number isn't displayed clearly, surely the only answer is not to pay? His own fault if he can't read.

    (Although even if your house number isn't displayed clearly I still probably wouldn't pay)
  • qetu1357
    qetu1357 Posts: 1,013 Forumite
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    When he leaves a note to say your windows have been done, phone him and say you didn't arrange for him to do the windows.
  • amgard_2
    send him a note to say you've already paid, but add that you don't want him to come again as he did a terrible job ;)
  • weegie.geek
    weegie.geek Posts: 3,432 Forumite
    Definitely not. IF you pay even once he might take it as you implying that he should do it again.

    If he gets annoyed, it's his own fault for washing the wrong windows. He's either an idiot for washing the wrong windows by accident, or a chancer for washing them thinking he could guilt/bully you into washing them.

    Stand your ground.
    They say it's genetic, they say he can't help it, they say you can catch it - but sometimes you're born with it
  • Chickenbrain2009
    certainly not, why on earth should you pay for something you havent requested
  • Tulgey_Wood
    NO WAY!
    If you pay you will probably be entering into the contract that he wants you to have!
    Would you pay anybody else who just took it upon themselves to do work on your house or garden, and then demanded money for it?
    Cleaned your wheelie bin?
    Cut the lawn?
    What if someone laid a drive or replaced your roof?
    I doubt it!
    Tell him to sling his chamois.
  • elliep_2
    elliep_2 Posts: 711 Forumite
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    Your question makes it sound to me like he's done this before. If you didn't pay him last time then it's his fault for being stupid enough to make the same mistake and clean the wrong windows again. He might have made a genuine mistake the first time but now he's just trying to guilt you into paying.
  • scoobydoobydoo
    The next time he calls make it clear that you do not want him to clean your windows, have never requested him to do so and will not be paying him for any cleanings he undertakes. Further more that if he continues to do this you will consider making a complaint to the police for trespass. Put it in writing too, that sounds a bit OTT but it will send the message loud and clear that you are not being mucked about.

    Sounds like a chancer to me and the only way to deal with people like that are to threaten them with the law because PC Plod is very often the last person they want to see ;-)
  • ih8stress
    ih8stress Posts: 1,933 Forumite
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    Definitely don't pay if you haven't asked him to do them. It's abit strange that he keeps cleaning them if you have refused to pay him a few times. Have you pointed out to him that you've never requested them cleaned?

    Stand your ground and if it continues, just enjoy the free cleaning as it's down to him to rectify it, not you.
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