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    ok just gonna share this with you all. I've decided to get a meter test, which isn't the easiest. Been trying to get an answer from them for days now.

    Well finally got a call back from a manager after 3 more calls.

    Not really sure which department he was from though, possibly the 'arrogant, lets ignore everything you say, lets wind you up as much as possible' department.

    Started off by telling me I couldn't get a meter test done. Then after 5 minutes of arguing, agreed it may be possible. Then he spent 20 minutes telling me (not explaining) how the meter couldn't possibly be wrong, and talking to me like I was a 5 year old. Everytime I tried to ask a question or say something, he raised he voice and spoke over the top of me, completely ignoring anything I said.

    A couple of examples

    Him: So you are saying that 18 months ago when your ex GF and kids moved out, at that exact time, your meter developed a fault?
    Me: No, thats not what i said at all. I said that was when I noticed my electricity usage was extremely high, partly due to the fact it increased rather than decreased.
    Him: I'm sorry but I don't believe your meter developed a fault at exactly the same times as you started living by yourself
    Me: Huh? I said as far as I know, there could have been a problem from the day I moved in the property, but I only noticed something wrong when they moved out, as it stands to reason I should be using less electric now, do you not agree?
    Him: No

    I mentioned average electricity bills, and the fact mine is 3 times the average

    Him: I don't believe in average bills
    Me: Well, maybe you don't but your company does as they publish them
    Him: That makes no difference. Do you have a computer?
    Me: Yes
    Him: I don't, so does that mean your electricity bills should be more than mine?
    Me: I have no idea, what electrical appliances do you have, electric or gas heating? Are people in all day, tell me something like that and I can tell you if I think your bills should be more or less than mine
    Him: I'm not telling you that, but your bills should be more than mine as you have a computer!

    That went on for about 5 minutes, until midway through a sentence he put me on hold :nuts:
    When he came back 5 minutes later, he said sorry, I had to take anotehr call
    (Great customer service, cut someone off mid-sentence, to take another call!)

    Anyway finally got him to agree to a meter test, which he booked for the 13th September.

    Now, bear in mind this is a test I am requesting to check if the meter is faulty.

    I asked him why it wasn't with 7 working days. He told me it doesn't have to be, so I asked if I would get £20 compensation, he replied, no, of course not. So I quoted him this

    Page 5
    Meter problems. If you think your gas or electricity
    meter is faulty, please let us know immediately. We’ll
    try to explain the problem by telephone or in writing
    within 5 working days. If we need to visit your home
    to inspect the meter, we’ll do so within 7 working days.
    If we can’t do this, we’ll give you £20 compensation.

    Apparently that doesn't apply to me as it isn't a inspection to see if the meter is faulty, what I'm getting is a test to see if it is accurate. Now I fail to see the difference, he couldn't explain the difference (we are billing only sir, we don't know what tests are carried out), and he refused to book me a test to see if it was faulty!

    I asked him for an appointment in a 2 hour time slot, he said that was impossible. It took me a few minutes to get a morning one, and even then he said 'if the engineer doesn't arrive by 1pm please wait as he might be late'. When I enquired how late was possible, it turns out anytime till 8pm :lol: . So basically it's an all day appointment.

    This obviously means nothing to British Gas either
    Appointments. If we need to visit your home to carry
    out work on your gas or electricity supply, we’ll offer
    you a morning or afternoon appointment. To save
    you time, you can also request a mutually agreeable
    2-hour slot. If we don’t do this, or if we cancel an
    appointment, we’ll give you £20 compensation.

    I can honestly say, he was by far the worst customer service rep I have ever dealt with.
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    What an awful lot of hoops to jump through! I do hope you'll follow up with a letter of complaint.

    I'd be inclined to copy the letter of complaint to your MP too.
    Do not allow the risk of failure to stop you trying!
  • I make that you are due £40 off them:) and an apology:)
  • I have wrote to them today complaining about this, I'll keep you informed of the result.

    I've also requested copies of the tapes of the calls which I will upload for people to listen to (unless there's any legal reason why i can't)

    I spoke to a different manager today, he agreed there is no difference in the tests, and has arranged for a £20 cheque to be sent out. He also agreed to send copy statements out from when my account was opened (the original manager refused point blank to send them, told me I had to write in requesting copies and I would be charged), and is going to listen to the tape of the call and pass it onto the manager who has responsibility for his department.
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    Oh dvds2000,

    I have to say that on my first visit to this particular board. You have entertained me no end. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I am now totally enthralled and can't wait for the next installment!!

    I know my comments don't help you in anyway, but thank you for cheering me up!!

    Good Luck!!
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    I hope your next door neighbour who is tapped into your supply isn't reading this!

    Seriously we look forward to the next episode and wish you luck.
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    11.91p/kw - that seems high to me - is that only for the first few units in any given time period, or is that for all units? We pay that as a first tier, but then 7.6p or similar for most of our units.
    Have you tried turning the chest freezer off? I think that could be quite expensive, but I don't really know.
    I'm in a 2-bed flat, but even when my flat mate is away and i'm being economical, I still use about 8-10 units a day at a minimum in summer, but we have no gas, so that includes cooking and heating in winter as well. Ours goes up to a max of around 45 unit per day in winter. Our average for the year as a whole is 26 units a day.
    Yours does sound high, but I can't figure out why from reading the thread. I'm glad you managed to get a meter test out of them, if you've been paying at prepayment rates for the last several years, that's the least they can do for you!
    Indecision is the key to flexibility :)
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    It was page 7.

    Ok so I await your news on the 13th Wed, I believe. Make sure you tell the guy about the power consumption hike from 15 second flash to 5 sec flash with the simple additional power of 1 light bulb.

    I think you did the right thing here. I was also going to say about your 40 pounds compensation to make a formal complaint to energywatch, you're getting the 20 quid for the 7 days but you are still short 20 quid for not getting a 2 hour slot when requested.
  • Wig
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    Ahem! cough! well?
  • MajorR
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    Anyway finally got him to agree to a meter test, which he booked for the 13th September.


    we're waiting with baited breath here dvds2000. Maybe they cut him off!
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