No flowers on my plum tree

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I have been hoping that i would see some flowers on my plum tree but there is still no sign so i am resigned to the fact there will be no plums this year.

Its such a shame as the last two years although it is only a young tree it has provided a nice crop of fruit and we were all looking forward to lots of plums this year.

Is there anything i need to do for it to make it stronger for next year, i notice it has grown quite a bit this year
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  • brogusbluebrogusblue Forumite
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    I have 2 plum tress no blossom either, I am a little concerned as this is the 3rd year ... :eek:
  • Kay_PeelKay_Peel Forumite
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    The prime suspect is the weather.

    Frosts will kill the flowers before they open. A few flowers may struggle through the cold weather only to be lost in winds and heavy rainfall before the fruit sets.

    You can't do much about the dreadful cold Springs that we have been having, I'm afraid.

    Two tips though:

    Don't prune your plum much. The fruit comes from wood that is at least two years old. If you cut into the old wood you won't get any fruit.

    Don't go mad with fertiliser. You'll get a lot of leaf growth but you still won't get any blossom. It's best to put a bit of bonemeal around the tree in late winter/very early spring, being careful not to get any bonemeal on the trunk, and to give it plenty of water over the summer months. A whole bucket of water at least every fortnight, poured slowly around the trunk. (I use the 'grey water' from a washing up bowl, every week, on apple, other fruit trees and early flowering shrubs like camelia and rhododendron).

  • Waterlily24Waterlily24 Forumite
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    We are lucky, we've got a couple of plum trees and they were full of blossom and small plums have appeared (last year too). The two years before that there was nothing at all. One is quite an old one (here before we came) the other was put in about three and a half years ago.
  • Are a lot of birds on the tree back in the winter? I was reading an old gardening book yesterday that said tar washes in winter prevent this...

    I am not sure if there's a modern equivalent of a tar wash and I don't remember reading about any on shop sites.
  • izzwizz_2izzwizz_2 Forumite
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    Our damsons flowered a good month ago here in Northern Ireland. I went to have a look after reading your post, and unfortunately the late frosts must have got them because there is no sign of fruit this year. I suspect you may have missed the flowers earlier in the year. :(
  • cjb02cjb02 Forumite
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    some times if a plum tree or any fruit tree which bears lots of fruit one year then in the following year the tree can just be playing catch up and getting its strength back. If you have not seen any flowers I would image this is what has happened because even if frost kills the flowers or bud, you can normally still see them. a blight dead and on the floor.
  • Money_makerMoney_maker Forumite
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    Yes, Victoria can be a bit biennial in fruit bearing. I had a poor show this year for flowers and not many fruits have set. Means next year will probably be bumper!
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  • tigresstigress Forumite
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    My victoria has flowered really well and the fruit has set and growing.last year i missed out as was away when the fruit ripened,but this year i am looking forward to loads of fruit .This is its 4th year of growth
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    I have to say i am gutted there will be no fruit this year, never mind i have some raspberries, blackberries etc. I bought some black and red currants and a blue berry this year, the birds are doing their best to strip the currants! next year i def need netting!!
    “most people give up just as they are about to achieve success”
    If you think you are going through hell keep going - Sir Winston Churchill
    If You Can't Change It, Change the Way You Think About It.
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  • a_sava_sav Forumite
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    Same here 3 years later,disappointed ... yes
    will take note of watering it and bone mealing it this autumn thanks for the tip
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