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June 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 May 2010 at 2:23AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    nsp day today...first for ages but hey its a start...we have been out for a very nice sundaylunch ...other than that quite a lazy day...that said very busy week next week so its the calm before the storm

    have planned some dinners for next week and dont need anything food wise...oh maybe some fruit to go with packed lunches...i made a loaf of banana bread so that should last a couple of days
    tata tess
    onwards and upwards
  • Hi all

    Just caught up with a weeks worth of posts and updated my sig.

    Spent £18 at Co-op during week on nothing much and £30 today at Tesco - which should keep me going for the week - OH away for most of the week so going to use up some of the diet meals that have been lurking in the back of my freezer.......

    Anyway only got £12 left for the month so really need to avoid shopping at all costs!!

    wssla00 - my garden is over-run with mint - so icecream receipe please!

    Went to garden centre today and bought some gooseberry plants - so will be looking for some ideas soon - if anyone can help.

    Anyway good luck everyone and many thanks for all the useful tips.

    dee x
  • shell2001shell2001 Forumite
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    Just put my meal plan for this week on the meal plan thread and pleased that I have meals well into next month sorted. Just need the usual fruit, veggies, milk getting - hopefully of staying in budget! Have DD2 family birthday tea to do on Thursday but have separate budget for that, not sure whether to go buffet or bbq route though. Am thinking buffet may be the easier way to go so must start on list for that.

    NSD's since last Tuesday when Mr S order was delivered - thinking going back to online shopping is the way to go (along with the meal planning).
  • Hippychiq - thanks for the info about how you do your meal plans. One day I hope to be as organised as that!

    NSD today but should really have gone to the shops as I've just realised that I have no fruit for the packups tomorrow or even any cake to pad them out with.

    I'm so glad that I get my son's gluten-free bread on prescription. I have recently had a problem with my latest order to the pharmacy & will have to wait till at least Wednesday until it arrives. I paid £2.05 the other day for a g/f loaf which only last 2 1/2 days (or would do if he actually eat it but he said it was horrible.)
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  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    £22.40 spent today and, OMG, I actually stuck to my list, lol! Included in my purchases was a loaf of bread (Hovis best of both) reduced from £1.27 to 46p so was well pleased with that, and some plums reduced from £1.00 to 40p, both of which were on my list. £44.68 left from my budget, and no major grocery spends planned, so I may actually make it!

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  • Well Done all on staying in your weekly budget and conserving the energy for sunbathing instead of shopping!
    I nipped into T today for work, and picked up reduced rolls, 4 for 20p, so that is the weeks lunches sorted, using up the cheese and tuna in the fridge.
    This week i have also been batch cooking, made enough meals to last til the end of july! woo, including a chicken and chickpea curry, steak and mushroom pie filling, chicken and veg pie filling, chilli, bolognese, fishcakes, goujons, potato wedges... the list goes on, just need to empty the baking tins out of my microwave now!
    shell2001 wrote: »
    Just put my meal plan for this week on the meal plan thread and pleased that I have meals well into next month sorted. .

    Can you do me a link to the meal plans please!?

    Hope you all have a week of NSD's! i have 4 hopefully planned as popping into l*dl tomorrow as they have robins*ns squash on offer at 50p a litre, normally £1.20 ish in T*sco! and it won't go funny in the cupboard and in this weather... ice lollies! :D

    Have a lovely week!
    SS xx
    Each day is a new beginning, look at what you have an be grateful for every tiny thing. You don't know when it may be taken away.
  • rentawitchrentawitch Forumite
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    Well it is the 21st today. - Longest Day. Magical day for a witch. I will ask the Goddess to help me manage the rest of the month on the food I have in. I am up to my limit now. I really would prefer not to go over.
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  • cookiemumcookiemum Forumite
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    Well all gone a bit mad this month- soooo many family birthdays!

    I have added up all of the receipts I could find and can't believe I am still under - I'm sure i must have lost a few. Plenty in the freezer so only F & V to buy this week.

    Well done everyone else. Enjoy the sunshine:)

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  • Hopefully a NSD for me today. Went to the Good F**d Show yesterday and picked up some naughty treats but I had a seperate budget for that. I have managed to stretch out my te*co shopping that I received last week and it's lasting much longer than I had hoped for. I think I can manage another day or so before I have to buy milk and cereal and I have lots of veggies in the garden.
    Have a nice day everyone!
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    i have just made twinks hobnobs....they are very fact i have eaten 3 already...also made some blueberry muffins which were nice...only ate 1 up to now...home baking is great...just the time but i think the cakes are much nicer....and u know there is nothing additive wise in them except what is in the original ingredients iyswim

    got hm pizza for tea which will be nice i hope...might do bacon and eggs for tea tomorrow....i find that quick and coolish when its hot...having the whole oven going is a bit overwhelming on a hot day

    take care tessa

    eliza why cant i thank u ???? no button showing on your post ???
    onwards and upwards
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