June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Just adding some more spends:-

    Mr S - £ 5.55 included some reduced breads
    AF - £ 25.00(mainly on years supply of fruit teas as i can't have caffeine anymore!)
    Costco - £ 24.48 (now have a 20kg potatoes, large sack of onions, large bottle of vinegar for pickling, big pot of choc drops, 2 very big tomato sauces and dh has a huge pack of danish pastries:))
    Total is £55.03 taking my total spend this month to £103.19 - next week I have the organic box delivery (£11.95) so might just make it!
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    Jan grocery challenge £35.77/£120
  • Hi All!

    Please may I join?

    I live with my 5 year old son, and currently have a budget of around £120 per month for the food shop, although this could be much lower, I dont know where to start!

    I would love to start meal planning and having a week or fortnights menu planned, then just go shopping armed with the list!

    I have a fully stocked cupboard and freezer, so do I need to eat all of this first then start from fresh when its empty. So the point of a meal planner is at the end of the planned week you are old mother huboard?!
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    :):j LETS DO THIS!
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    Evening all - have just popped in to update my sig. Spent another tenner in the Co-op yesterday - getting a smaller joint for Sunday lunch and couldn't resist the English strawberries for £2! Also had to buy a loaf of bread today - the first one for ages. I have about £15 to last till 30th - but am reasonably ok with that.

    Thanks everyone for good wishes and hugs. Spoke to DD on phone in the hospital and she is feeling a bit better but they still don't know what is wrong with her. She has had five star treatment though - MRI scan, ultrasound and endless blood tests. They are doing a nerve (function?) test on Monday (nothing happening over the weekend) and she hopes that they will discharge her as soon as they have the results. Luckily she speaks fluent German and a college friend has been visiting so it's not all bad. Can't wait to see her on Friday though.

    Off to bed now - big Sunday lunch to cook tomorrow for MIL and us, so need to be able to concentrate!

    Night all.

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    Morning all,:)
    So far spent £3.30 on eggs(bought extra I can't resist local FR)
    £6.28 on 4 packs 8 cumberland sausages (reduced )4 pack can't b n butt 2 bottle robbinsons juice Co-op
    £3.85 on crisps washuo liquid, biscuits, peas,flavoured water for DS pack up Home B
    £4.99 on pizza, carrots, jersey pots,and big potatoes Mr T
    £2.45 ww fromage fraise reduced rolls and bread and lemonade Mr. M
    £20.87 total this week really pleased as I have stuck to plan and only bought what I needed :D. I have gone over budget this month but
    I think food has gone up so much over the past weeks thats probably why some of us seem to be struggling ATM I'm not making excuses but its getting harder.:mad: Never mind will just have to plod on!!
    Really got a good feeling from not doing a big shop this week I think we are programmed into
    thinking we have to have full cupboards. I myself seem to panic and feel ashamed especially when grocery cupboard is nearly empty. Not going to bother as I will do a big shop perhaps next weekend and see how far I can go without having to spend any more money (she says) this week.
    Month for me up on Tuesday but menu planned again for next week and apart from milk which I forgot yesterday, will try not to spend a penny more
    Batch made bolognaise sauce crammed with loads of hidden veggies yesterday and will make lasagne for tea tonight and freeze rest for a chilil later in the week going to keep busy today baking a cake, cleaning caravan and ironing and gardening to keep me out of shops today. Really in the mood to visit shops today (clothes) as there seem to be lots of sales around ATM but I AM NOT GOING TO GO.!!!! Still got birthday money to spend £75:j but think I may keep it for spending money for hols Feel guilty about this but we need some extra funds from somewhere.:o Off to update sig now so have a lovely day everyone xx Savvyshe
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  • Good morning everyone,
    beautiful morning here. Have bed linen washed and out on the line to dry and I am just on my way back out to sow some more salad leaves. Growing them in a container in back garden. Just popped in for a quick cold drink.
    I have taken a chicken breast out of freezer and as I am only making dinner for myself today I am having chicken goujons and salad. Will probably try and make a batch of buns today as well. Also plan to plant another dozen bedding plants. Spotted some bare spaces in the borders.
    I like to break my day up into a variety of tasks for a short time and then I don't seem to be so tired or so overwhelmed. If I work at one task for too long not only do I overtire myself but I also lose the notion to return to it for weeks.
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    Hi everyone, haven't updated for about a week as my Dad came to visit, but I've totalled up the receipts for the week including the weekly shop from Mr S yesterday. £81.28 to add :eek:

    I've gone over budget, and I've still got another week to go. I think I'm going to have to up my total to £300 to cover the extra week. I did use Junes budget to pay for the last couple of days in May :D:o

    cookie9 - I had to double take on your post. I thought W***r**e said something else :rotfl:

    Mrs M ~ please could you up my budget to £300? :A
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    Hey all :) Well it was an NSD yesterday except garden stuff :eek: but today I need cat food, loo roll and bread or bread maker mix. I am just not seeming to get the results I used to get with my BM :( I will need to take another look at it.

    Just up and having a glass of strawberry milkshake as it's so very warm!

    However, last night I managed to be very good and only spend on taxis. Went to a friends house and they were going out to a club at midnight, but that's when I called it a night and left them to it!

    I had my first strawberry yesterday from the garden. OMG it was so lovely! Much better than I had expected! I now can't wait for the raspberries and the gooseberries!

    Have a good day all! Hope the spends are good to you xxx
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    Morning all

    Another 3lb gone this week :j-32lbs off and counting :p

    Anyway -my spends for this month are up to €49 -although the freezers n fridges are groaning under the strain ;), and I do have 12lt fabric softener and 40 loo rolls stashed -well they were on offer *sound familiar?* :rotfl:

    Today Im doing roast lamb (a joint I got -whoopsed from about €13.50 to €3.50 :D) -Im doing it with yorkshire pud, potatoes and veggies -ooohhh and oodles of mint sauce mmmmm

    I can't see me needing too much this week -possibly a bit of veg and another melon/pineapple...
    Hope everyone is well -have a good weekend all :D
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    spent £14.98 in Iceland yesterday. Not too pleased with the quality. I will not buy lamb joint or their marinaded pork chops again.
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    20ps and £2 coins and other bits.

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