Defrosting the freezer



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    Hi blackangel,

    There are lots of tips on this thread that should help:

    Defrosting the freezer

    I'll merge your thread with that one later as it helps to keep all the suggestions together.

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    I've just bought a steam cleaner. It was from Lidl and wasn't that cheap £75, but does it defrost a freezer! 15 minutes for my large upright. The ice just blasted off!!!!
    Also, I've used it to clean tiles, windows, loads of things, and as it only uses steam, no chemicals it's very OS!
    I Believe in saving money!!!:T
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    A friend uses a hairdryer! Stand well back from water though.
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    Why can't you turn it off? It'll only be for an hour the fridge will be OK for that length of time.
    I turn mine off anyway, i put saucepans of boiling water in there and for the stubborn stuff a knife and/or a hairdryer (standing well back as advised by poster above!)
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    hi i put hot water bottles in mine seems to do the job
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    Containers of hot water and shut the door (and turn it off too, it only takes me half an hour with my freezer and I keep the stuff in the fridge or wrapped in paper and blankets for that short time) then after a short while I am able to scrape the loosened ice off with a plastic scraper, then I pick it all up with a dustpan and brush and clean the freezer with bicarb solution, and dry it thoroughly, leave 5 mins to dry properly then turn it all back on again.
    Good luck!
  • Me too turn off the fridge otherwise it is just too hard work and could damage the freezer I would think
  • I've done it and it looks that nice and clean I don't want to put the food back in :rotfl:

    I did end up turning it off and using the hot water trick, finished bit of this morning and all looks lovely. Now to tidy the fridge next..................

    Thanks for the advice
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I do mine on a day when I have a load of towels to wash, using a wallpaper stripper. Lay the towels below where the melted ice will run, take the plate off the wallpaper stripper (wearing gloves because it will get hot) direct the jet of steam at the ice, catch the whole lot on the towels and then dump them straight into the washing machine. Two jobs done with minimum effort - that's my kind of housekeeping!
  • I know it's bad, but I've been putting it off... and putting it off...... now we are in imminent danger of being unable to shut the door.:o

    I *hate* this job - water everwhere, (hot water, cold water, melting ice chunks) baskets of food about the place, me hacking / hitting / swearing at the chunks of ice.

    Please :rolleyes: - I need your hints, tips, hell - I'm even in the mood for a 'product' to ease the pain..... any wise words?
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