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'Lessons in MoneyLosing at the Gap' blog discussion

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  • bylromarhabylromarha Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    The stigma with coupons still exists. My 15 yr old niece gets really embarrassed when I pull a coupon out to use - the time I gave spares out at the entrance of Warwick Castle she went and hid behind a tree.

    Plus some people would rather pay out the cash than the small hassle to go find a saving. Can take a horse to water and all that
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  • Some people find spending money is cathartic - I've known people who talk about shopping as an end in itself, rather than a means to get things they need and will use. If you're going out with the express intention of spending money, then you're unlikely to use vouchers.

    I've never understood this attitude, and it can lead to a spiral of credit card debt.

    Maybe you could carry small cards with a money-saving mantra and link to the site to give out in situations like these?
  • AspalAspal Forumite
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    Doesn't surprise me!!! I went to Pleasurewood Hills (paying with Tesco deals vouchers) and took with me a handful of 2 for 1 vouchers, which I figured I could give to others in the queue instead of wasting them (note GIVE, not sell LOL!!!). Anyone would have thought I was trying to ask for their credit card numbers or something!! One family behind me in the queue that we got chatting to took a couple, and another was paying on Tescos anyway, but most of the people in front of me chose to pay full price rather than just take the voucher and hand it in. I binned the rest just inside the entrance :(
  • lilian1977lilian1977 Forumite
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    People are officially stupid. However, I have been known to go out of my way to get a restaurant deal rather than just eat at the nearby place, or out of my way to get a free drink so maybe I take it too far?

    No, no I don't. And that's why I'm no longer in debt.
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  • sligslig Forumite
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    Yep, some people are just a bit silly. Especially when the voucher is in the store, eg in an instore magazine. New Look had one recently which I think was for 20% off, and there was no lower spend restriction (I got £1 off a £5 spend). I wanted to take a pile of the free magazines and distribute them to everyone in the queue (I didn't though).

    When I worked in a large chain record store we had a similar voucher (something like £5 off a £30 spend and £10 off £50) in an instore magazine. I told each customer I served on the till spending £30 or more that there was a voucher in the magazine, and I helped them rip it out and use it. They were all very grateful. (Maybe that was why said store went bust?)

    I used to work in another (also now defunct) high street store. We'd often have 3 for 2 on greetings cards or wrapping paper. Customers would bring 2 cards to the till, I would say, if you get one more it'll be free. Most would go and grab another one and be grateful I had pointed this out. But some would say, 'oh no thanks, I only need two'. Surely everyone is likely to be able to find a use for a free card or some wrapping paper? It would have taken them about 20 seconds extra to go and grab one.

    More money than sense, perhaps? (Except they won't have more money for long if they don't look after the pennies.)
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  • skintdragonskintdragon Forumite
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    I have to admit I am not an avid buyer of magazines, but if there is money to be saved in the longrun, I'd tootle off to the newsagents and buy a copy just to get the savings via a voucher (and read the mag on the loo haha). :A

    Perhaps people assume there is small print, and just cannot be bothered to get themselves in an embarrassing situation (because they cannot be bothered to read it).

    If there is money to be saved, bring it on. Thanks Martin and his MSE team for finding us deals and stuff. Much appreciated. ;)
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  • CreosoteCreosote Forumite
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    I wonder if Martin has considered trying to acquire "" and set up a site dedicated to helping people to blow all their cash? the affiliate links to really poor 0.1% saving accounts or 3000% loans would pay for it's upkeep :)
  • i was in Starbucks one day, and this lady was pulling something out of the paper, i nosily asked what it was and she said there are vouchers in the papaer for ANY free coffee in starbucks, so i ran to the newsagent and bought a few copies to last me afew days, i saved a fortune all thanks to being NOSEY.
  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    ive on a number of occassion mentioned to other custmers vouchers they cna get on stuff they are buying and i use coupons whenever i can
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  • flossy_splodgeflossy_splodge Forumite
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    Well it's not quite 'neese' is it to use a voucher where others can see you! Tch tch.
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