Avoid using GAS and ELECTRIC !

As the summer is ending :cool: and gas and electric prices have gone up again !
I thought it would be nice to share any tips on how to avoid using gas and electric this winter.

any ideas much appreciated :D



  • MIRRY_2
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    so far I have thought of the following;

    I will never use my tumble dryer again, I have purchased a BIG clothes horse today to hang all my washing on.
    I will do all my baking in the evening so the oven heats up the house at the same time (killing 2 birds with one stone).
  • twink
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    i am using slow cooker more often, and if it is really cold i will fill a hot water bottle instead of putting the heating up
  • mookybargirl
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    What a good idea for a thread.

    (Most of these ideas taken from Your Home magazine)

    Turn down the central heating thermostat down by 1 degree and you could save up to 10%.
    Draw your curtains at night so you don't lose the heat through the windows - thicker curtains in the winter will also help.
    Don't have the flames licking up around a pan on the hob, this is a waste, turn down the flame.

    TV's use more electricity while on stand by, turn them off when you're out at work etc and overnight.
    1 energy saving light bulb saves £7 per year so get changing some of those light bulbs.
    Defrost your freezer!! This will keep it running efficiently.
    Only fill the kettle with the water you need - all you money savers should be doing this one already.;)
    Washing clothes at 40 and not 60 uses a 3rd less electricity so wash some if your loads of not all at 40.
    If you use electricity mostly at night, ask your supplier about 'Economy 7'. This tariff means it costs less at night and more in the day. (I've not enquired about this one personally as I'm home some days).

    Pay by Direct Debit if this is cheaper.
    Try getting a deal to have gas and electricity through the same supplier as this might work out cheaper. Check first though!!! And read the small print before leaving your supplier as they may add a penalty fee.

    EDIT : Also, Get an insulating jacket for your hot water tank (usually costs about £10) to stop heat escaping. This can save £15 per year.
    Place a piece of kitchen foil on the wall behind your radiators, siny side facing the radiator and save £10 per year on heating bills.
    Insulating your loft might be a cost but this could also save you a 3rd on your heating bills.

    I'm done!:rotfl:
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  • jessicamb
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    I like this thread - I have a draught in my kitchen from under the sink - i dont know the cause but I've 'lagged' the cupboard with carrier bags from supermarkets so try and insulate it.

    Also I get a draught from the main door so I'll be getting a big heavy door curtain when I can find one I like (I'm thinking something rich thick and velvety like a stage curtain but the budget doesnt always think along the same lines :rotfl: )

    I was also thinking about adding linings to my lined curtains - will double lining them make any difference?

    There must be some more OS ideas that I can pinch though.

    I did read somewhere about turning down your heating by three degrees to have maximum impact on the bills but I like my warmth.
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  • Lillibet_2
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    If you do boil too much water either store it in a flask or use it to clear a bit of washing up rather than running a bowl ful. At least that way it isn't wasted.

    Snuggle under a blanket on the sofa in the evening or when watching tv (even at breaskfast time if it's your morning wake up call!), with a hot water bottle if it's really cold.

    Use rolle dup towels at bottoms of doors as draft excluders.

    Stop up any cracks around windows etc with expandable foam (V. cheap & effective)

    Get a roll of the sticky foam & put around outside door frames, it really is v. effective

    Fit covers over locks, you'd be suprised how much of a draft can come through a key hole. Thick tape over unused locks works just as well as the expensive lock covers from DIY stores.

    After baking/cooking leave the oven door open to let the heat into the house.

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  • When you get cold put on a few layers of clothes as this will keep you warm.

    Also wear sock to insulate your feet. It's cheaper than putting on the heating. I also have a throw over on as I watch tv - it's amazing how much heat they produce. A sleeping bag will do the trick too.

    Hot water bottles are magic too.:D
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  • cupid_s
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    get a cat!
    recently it's been cold and hubby has said to put the heating or the fire on. and along comes ickle kitty snuggles up in our laps and keeps us toasty warm all evening!
    she's going to save us money in gas i'm sure - i hope it's more than she costs in food.
  • Hardup_Hester
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    Hubby & I go to bed early & watch TV in bed, that way we don't need the heating on!
    I also have heavy door curtains hanging to cut down on draughts, I got them from a local charity shop for £5, I think they must have been for french doors origionally, they're not to everybodys taste as they are dusty pink velvet but as they a very thick & lined, I don't worry about the look of them.

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  • ka7e
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    I live in a cold, draughty house that takes a while to warm up and costs a bomb to heat. To really insulate a room you need to pull the curtains just before it gets dark and the temperature starts to drop.

    We have a huge floor-to-ceiling bay window in the front room, so as well as traditional curtains in the bay, we also have a pair in front of the bay. You really notice the difference they make on a cold evening.

    Years ago we got rid of the radiators in our hall and landing, never saw the point in heating areas that aren't lived in! It helped train the kids to shut doors to conserve heat in the rooms we were using, too. The only rooms I need really warm are the lounge and the bathroom. After I've used the oven, I leave the oven door open to help keep the kitchen warm!

    My kids all have extra quilts or fleece blankets that they can use if they think their rooms aren't warm enough. And even though they are all trendy teens or older, they each have a dressing gown and slippers to snuggle in after a bath or early in the morning.

    I never put the heating on during the day if I'm on my own - when I start to feel a little chilly I put on a coat and walk the dog or do my shopping. The house always feels warm when I come back in from the cold.
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  • MIRRY_2
    MIRRY_2 Posts: 186 Forumite
    wear a hat in the house because we loose most of the heat thru our head.

    thermals , do they sell sexy ones ? :confused:
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