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May 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 April 2010 at 6:30PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Good morning everyone,

    thanks to everyone who works so hard to set up and maintain this thread.

    Brother has started planting in his allotment so hopefully I will be given lovely organic veg all through the summer. Last year he was very generous.

    I have promised myself that I will have a good browse through all the recipes on the front page for inspiration. I could do with introducing a couple of new meals into my menu plan.

    Good luck to everyone in May.
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    summerlousummerlou Forumite
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    never done a grocery challange but need to cut done big time never actually counted what we spend but it must be at least 600 a month for the four of us and two cats so am going to try and stay under 300 this month so please could i join thank you.
    April grocery challenge /£350
  • Im in again for May but still working on Aprils budget till Saturday so wont be posting on here till then. £400 for me this month please as need to get my spending down as Aprils is going to be over £600!!!!
    total debt at LBM £4800
    Debt as of Mar 2016 £1790 Hope to be debt free July 2016:eek:
    Sealed pot challenge number 552
  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    Have done my monthly meal plan and online order - was £102 but had a £10 voucher, its actually being delivered today to make use of free delivery but is from May budget.

    Also inc were some big special meals as my parents were visiting but as I am now going to them instead we should have a bit extra in the freezer to roll forward for next month.

    Need some bits from the butcher, fruit and veg and milk as we go along. Am going to try and make all my own bread this month so will see how that goes - even if I manage to wean hubby down to 1 loaf of warbies (£1.20 a go!!) a week I'll be happy
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    good baking day off to a good start...cakes and flapjacks and pizza base underway

    i need some fruit and veg so i thought i might go to aldi later to look at the super 6...i have thought their fruit and veg offers have been good this year...except the very sour grapes i got

    have a great day
    onwards and upwards
  • PablosmummyPablosmummy Forumite
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    Hello I'd like to join for May please. I'll aim for £150 although I really need to get it lower than this. OH has just been made redundant (again!) so we're living off our wedding savings (goodbye wedding plans :cry:)

    Off to read all the Weezl threads for ideas.
    May Grocery Challenge -£216/400
  • Good Morning

    I haven't participated in the Grocery Challenge for over a year but last month's spending was totally over-board. I really need to rein things in. If it's ok for me to join in I would like to set a target of £300 for two of us. My aim is to have an achievable target to start off with and chip away month by month.

    Many Thanks

    May Grocery Challenge £244.58/£300
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    Please put me down for £40pw.


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  • Souk08Souk08 Forumite
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    Hi all, Just over last month £51.83 Tgt £50. Can you please put me down for £45 this month.
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  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    The branch of MrT I used yesterday, has put its purple 3L milk up to £1:25 :mad: I'm not sure what price it is in my usual branch, as I've noticed before that they can charge different prices although less than 10 miles apart & being of similar size :angry: Would expect it from an express or summat..
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