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The Great 'Shrinking Food' Hunt

edited 13 April 2010 at 7:12PM in Gone Off!
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  • laurel7172laurel7172 Forumite
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    On basic items, I find it annoying.

    On things like single serving treats, it's probably no bad thing.
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  • I usually buy Batchellors Soupifulls from the supermarkets but only last week when i look they had changed the packaging design and dropped the size by 25% but the price is still the same the cheeky sods!!
  • mullerlights have shrunk now :(

    They used to be 200g pots and are all now sold as 190g but at the same price.

    Flumps, the marshmallows that you get for 10p have also shrunk, they are tiny now.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Bottles of bleach (almost all brands) have shrunk from 1 litre to 750ml. Washing powder boxes are smaller. I think my biggest laugh was buying Lazy Garlic (English Provender?) which had shrunk to look as if it belonged in a dolls' house. Do 'they' really think we're too stupid to notice that we're paying more for less??
  • Bath power really small now, I won't be buying it again.
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  • Debt_Free_DreamerDebt_Free_Dreamer Forumite
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    Pepperdews shrunk their jar.

    6007788002428_90.jpg I used to buy at least 4 jars every time I went shopping as we could eat one jar per meal. (we love hot stuff). More often than not, without the meal as the OH would stand in the kitchen picking them out with a fork. delish.....

    After they shrunk the jar, we never bought it again. :(

    It is now 260g and I am sure it must have been around 350g before. There were never enough in the jar before, now it is plain mean..
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  • Ohh, I am glad its not just me, I thought I was immagining it , there is loots of stuff which has been shrinking. I go round the shop pick it up and put it down with a comment that is a lot lighter then it used to be, I am not buying that, do they think we are all stupid! A lot of people looking at me like I was mad or something, obviously they haven`t noticed yet.

    Doritoes from 250g to 225g, penguin bars much smaller( they don`t put the waight on it now- so you know that it`s been reduced), some packs of Philadelphia cheese, kiddies packets of sweets.
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Bertollis pasta sauce has gone down in size from 500g to 400g with no reduction in price, did manage to find some of the 500g in home bargains at a reasonable price
  • Lindy_-_LooLindy_-_Loo Forumite
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    fruit shoot H2O (flavoured water) has gone down to 250ml a bottle instead of 300ml, only noticed cos found the old size bottles in b and m. Again there is no reduction in price on single bottles or 4 packs :(
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  • Colmans Sauce Tartare 250ml used to be pretty liquid & a jar lasted a while.
    The last couple of times we bought it's now like a mousse. Same volume BUT it's got to have less than half the amount of actual sauce than it used to have & we use double or triple the amount we used to before.

    Looks exactly the same but this is shrinkage at its' worst as they are using volume instead of weight.

    What next? Whipped cream already whipped at the same price?
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