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FRUGAL LIVING CHALLENGE 2010, part 2, April - June.

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  • jtb2412jtb2412 Forumite
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    Glad to hear your back with us frugaldom, sun is out here too but I haven't got time to be out in the garden which has made me cross.

    Well done on filling the ISA :T

    Fingers crossed for the little chickies !
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
  • BlairweechBlairweech Forumite
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    Erme - Farming Today is available as a podcast - I subscribe to the RSS Feed, so I get it every morning. It's great :)

    Frugaldom - Well done on filling your ISA, I managed £1500 in mine. Would have done more, but Alliance and Leicester have been particularly slow in setting up the account, and I still have not got the details I need for Internet Banking :mad:
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    glendamglendam Forumite
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    edited 1 April 2010 at 1:34PM
    :)Thanks Frugaldom for the new thread its great when you get a good look at post 1.
    Its a massive list and helps everyone who pops on here and it is all down to you and this group. What an achievement.

    I am quite pleased with how things have gone this first quarter definitely saving in most areas never be anything like some of you but it is working for us. Have saved almost £1,000 this quarter towards our big holiday and have now made the first booking so will go in Oct 2011 when OH retires.:j

    Thanks for everyone's input it all helps.


    £1 a week savings challenge 2014


  • patentgirlpatentgirl Forumite
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    Thanks frugaldom for new thread
    sorry to hear about your powercut
    I hope that your chicks are okay.
    Looking forward to next quarter hope i manage to do just as well come in bang on target each month so far, managed to save alot more than ever had before so nice to watch that growing each month instead of dipping into! wouldnnt have done that without this thread so thanks everyone
    January grocery challenge £150
  • pagangirlpagangirl Forumite
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    Frugaldom thanks for the new thread - dunno where you found the time from - are the eggs from the incubators ok? Fingers crossed.

    Sorry about the battery candygirl - big expense you don't need !

    CW :j:j:j

    Hi micron - nice to meet you :wave:

    rozeepozee - re milk - try soya milk or goats milk instead of cows milk might be better for you? I find I'm ok on hard cheeses but can't tolerate soft cheese/cottage cheese.

    enjoyfinancialchallenges - hope all goes well for your hospital stay.

    Still waiting for rent increase - think (hope) that's going to be last one this year. Things haven't been too bad lately due to lots of enforced NSD's, am using up whats in cupboard/freezer before buying anything else. Will have to get some crockery, after my stuntwoman escapade last week :eek: - will try & match it to set I've got, but being an old one, not sure if still available. Will check on internet first.
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  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    Just catching up with the old thread at the moment. Will post my spend tomorrow it being late. That looks like more frugal links than the last thread or did I not get to post number two on the last one. :eek: so much to learn. I'll need to factor in a train ticket for April it being mum's 70th.

    Post 2 'HANDY LINKS' exact same here as previously, hence the reason I'm always harking back to it when someone posts a question. I'm trying to get the old thread closed but the board guide seems to have gone AWOL :)
    pagangirl wrote: »
    Hi micron - nice to meet you :wave:

    Who, where, when, what have I missed? Who is Micron? :o

    Fingers still crossed for eggs in incubators and the 3 chicks have come through the powercut just fine. Going to have to go and look at the old thread now as it appears people may still be posting on it for some strange reason. :(
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  • catzninecatznine Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    A shiny new thread! :D Thank you frugaldom! Hope the eggs are ok!

    Scraped through March (I forgot it was a 5 week month!) spending £287.18 and overspent on food by £15.83:o Still well within the £350 a month budget though!
    That was mainly us being tempted by the local farmers market and giggly pig sausages! :rotfl:They are lovely though! Still have plenty in the freezers and larder. Another order from approved foods so I could get the huge tin of celeriac for 1p :j so lots of sosmix, vege burger mix, tofu, pataks curry sauce, basmati rice, tissues and face wipes!

    I've made all my Easter cards this year for the first time, so saved there. The free seeds from the BBC have turned up as well!

    Right off to warm up with a cuppa after walking my friends dog as well as our own in the pouring rain!
    Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.

    Jan grocery challenge £35.77/£120
  • Frugaldom - Thanks for the new thread. I'm still around. I've been reading but not posting.

    I haven't updated my spreadsheet but i'm fairly sure i'm under a quarter of the way to my target. The dentist appointment that got cancelled is due in april so that will be rather expensive. I might be able to get it cheaper but i prefer to go the the dentist i know and am willing to pay a little more for that.
  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    OK, I've now caught up, I think :D Found 2 names I didn't have a note of, so Winchelsea and Micron about to be added but PLEASE either send me a private message or else mark it in BIG BOLD COLOURED LETTERS for me to see when skim reading, thanks, otherwise I'll miss it. :)

    End of quarter 1 has seen me spend £994.60 in total for the household. £267.33 of this went on groceries (including toiletries and cleaning products) and £75.21 on hen feeding. The bulk of it, a whopping great £480 has been swallowed up in electricity alone! :eek: Judging by the weather, it doesn't look like this will be reducing anytime soon unless I get a log burner installed. To date, I'm having no luck whatsoever finding someone who will fit one for me! What's happened to all the handymen? (We have different legislation from England, I am fully aware of this.)

    Frugal washing now hanging out, made a cheap loaf this morning and I have chicken drumsticks to be made into something for dinner tonight after not getting them cooked yesterday. (No electricity)

    My 'EEK' fund is almost balancing out with a spend of £541.69 and extra, residual income of £483.06 and a deficit of only £58.63 that will be made up as soon as my cashback becomes payable. C0-0p insurance takes a heck of a long time to pay out, that's for sure! 5 months is ridiculous, in my book! I should also note that I'm paying my life assurance, savings bond and National Trust membership from my 'EEK' fund, so any small deficit is temporary, as some of what has been spent is due payable until the CC bill arrives at end of the month, when it will be paid in full. :)
    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
    Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise and saving to build eco-cabins! :D
  • pagangirlpagangirl Forumite
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    Frugaldom - post 4471 - Frugal Living Challenge part 1 page 224 - HTH
    When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on :eek:

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