Talk talk broadband = fail - avoid avoid!!

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I signed up to talk talk's £6.99/month broadband "essentials" package thinking that it was a good deal - seems like they left out the most essential things of all - a decent connection and customer service!!

Having made 4 seperate calls to them I was given a number for their second line of support which I rung but after entering my phone number it was "not recognised" and directed me back to the general line. Got put through to India and the guy insisted on doing all the basic the basic checks (ie. resetting router, microfilter etc.) which I'd done 10 minutes before as they'd wiped my details!! After telling me this he refused to put me through for the "advanced checks".

Had enough - going to cancel my contract as I need a decent connection for work and play, not something that drops out every 20 seconds. Don't believe the hype - their famed customer service is a loads of b***cks!

May a bit more and go to a decent service provider that can supply a decent connection and has at least an elementary udnerstanding of SERVQUAL.

:rotfl:laters talk talk - time for me to "walk walk" :rotfl:


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