Money Moral Dilemma: You tore it, should you pay?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
You tore it, should you pay?

Beatrice is in a shop trying on a new top, but as she takes it off, it gets caught in her necklace causing a small rip. So she picks another and puts the damaged one back. When she gets to the till she feels a bit guilty, should she fess up and buy the damaged one as well?
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  • She should fess up; she wouldn't be expected to pay; many clothing retailers have Faulty labels and just mark these up and offer a discount on the item to anyone else wanting to buy it.
  • scotsbob
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    If she can't take her clothes off properly without tearing them she should have to pay and go to bed with no supper.
  • poppy10_2
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    If it tears so easily it can't be very good quality - she should certainly not buy another one, although it's only fair to buy the one she damaged.
  • Greatgimp
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    If you feel you have a moral obligation to pay for damage you caused to anything up for sale, it should be to the value of what the shop bought it for and not for the retail value.
  • Well everyone knows what they SHOULD do in this situation, but I bet a lot don't. It's so easy to 'get away with it', it's embarrassing to admit what you've done, and you feel that if you say nothing that no-one will know. But I imagine that in fact you will probably not be made to pay. When I admitted tearing a catalogue dress, I was just told to return it & got a full refiund. Anyway, just think of the glow of virtue you will have for doing the right thing - priceless.
  • geri1965_2
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    No way. I would just leave it, if anyone else wants to buy it afterwards they should be able to get some money off.
  • This actually happened to me not too long ago. I was trying on a gorgeous dress for a wedding, and the salesgirl brought me a pair of amazing shoes to try on with it... silk dress, sharp heels, not paying attention, I know, I know... straight through the side seam in the lining. I was horrified, but knew I couldn't face myself if I didn't say something, even though the rip was in the lining and not visible... so I took a deep breath and pointed it out to them. So sweet and sympathetic, they told me not to worry, they'd noticed the linings were pretty flimsy, and put it on a "return to factory" rack in the back. Yes - it definitely made me want to buy something from them the next time. I suppose the moral is that the truth is often less painful than we think.
  • keet83
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    if she does pay then it should only be the wholesale price due to legal reasons, if you damage an item in the shop and it is your sole fault then you need to pay how much the item cost for the shop owner.
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    That used to be the case :mad:
  • LOUY_2
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    I suggest she points out that it is damaged, so another customer doesnt pay good money for a damaged product. It would also help the retailer as they would not want to sell damaged products as it will affect their brand name as well.

    She doesnt have to admit that the damage was her fault. Eitherway, retailers understand and expect damages and breakages for which they budget for.
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  • mr-tom_2
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    She should certainly confess. After all, if somebody tore a hole in her car, she'd be upset if they didn't...
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