"Catch-up" TV blowing my 5GB MAAF limit.

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It is pretty obvious that MAAF is just a subsidiary of Plusnet and probably now using Plusnet technology??

I probably should have switched to Plusnet 18 months ago; but I've been busy and did not want the hassle. My BT line (no cable) runs at about 4 Mb which is reasonable for a BT LLU exchange about 2 miles away along 1960's copper wire..

However we have new technology in the house - My better half has got herself a brand new laptop and discovered that instead of planning TV watching one can catch up using the new lap top.!!

So three questions about the Plusnet offering (and I am thinking of doing a phone bundle as well to reduce ever increasing BT charges);

1. Plusnet has technology that probes you internet activity and throttles high use activities at peak times. However I don't completely understand the Plusnet matrix in everyday terms.
During which hours will TV be unwatchable because of throttled speeds?

2. Between midnight and 0800 hrs I should get unmetered access via Plusnet at normal speeds?

3. Is it possible to download a TV programme (ie during the early hours) and watch it later? (As a lark married to an owl - I'm not sure I want to be poked for snoring next to the laptop:rotfl:.).



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