Nationwide C.Card major probs BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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with my next trip abroad in mind i applyed for the nationwide credit card to avoid charges when using it overseas.

to quite honest the way i have been treated a few quid charged by one of my other card providers would not seem so bad .

1) first it took nearly a month and half to arrive. so if your in hurry don,t expect it to be in the post quickly.

2) they gave me a pidlly little £1000 limit. when you consider i have a £85,000 morgage with OVERPAYMENTS on it with them . not to mention the £25000 potential credit i have just cancellled with other cards, i consinder this a bloody insult. and totally inadquate for my needs if using it on my next trip to the states.

3) so anyway i ring up to try and activate it and get credit limit increased. surprise surprise i,m on hold . not having the time to hang on the phone yesterday i gave up after 10 mins. i tryed 3 more times but same thing. they are only open from 8 till 8. so this morning i resolve to hold until i get answered . 50 minutes later yes you read that right FIFTY !!!!!!!!!!! FIVE ZERO !!!! .:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: and this is just to activate ir remember .i lost it and hung up and called the complaints number guess what busy tone .....and the next time and the next TEN times i tried.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
by now i was really fuming so followed anthor route complain through the web site like the little leaflet says . guess what follow the links to be told don,t e-mail us complaints. call the number that is constantly busy. or go into your branch. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

By any standards this customer service at it,s very very worst!!:confused:

if you a thinking about applying for this card be damm sure you know what to expect. and ask yourself IS IT WORTH IT !!!!!!!
Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:


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    Mine arrived within 2 weeks of applying with a 3 grand limit (which was fine for me). Maybe they gave you the low limit because of the other cards?
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    trets77 wrote:
    ...not to mention the £25000 potential credit i have just cancellled with other cards...
    ...but have you waited until it is showing as 'settled' with the credit reference agencies? This can take up to 2 or 3 months with some cards.
    they are only open from 8 till 8.
    I know there will be exceptions (such as First Direct) but I've found that more or less all call centres are hard to get through to these days. However, when you are given times such as these, I find it's best to ring at 08:10 or 19:50.

    As a general comment, I have found the service to be excellent from Nationwide. I opened a FlexAccount earlier this year and it was fully operational, including cheque book, debit card, online access, etc within 7 days. And no I don't have any connection to Nationwide - just a satisfied customer.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    It is a popular card for using abroad, it is the Summer holidays, perhaps they are busy with extra applications. I got a £2,500 limit on mine and I got mine pretty quickly too. Used the Flex Account abroad to pull money and had no problems either. Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having and I hope you get them resolved.
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    Now, not really major problems. You got your card, it works. As for limit, its a personal thing. One person gets £500 another gets £5,000.
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    My experience with Nationwide is good. Much better than loads of other banks. Why not use Nationwide debit card if you think the credit card limit is low? The Nationwide credit card for me just a back up. I normally use the debit card.

    Actually, if you think your credit limit is low, you should send off your bank account statement and credit card statement to them and ask for a higher limit.
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    It might be worth monitoring your credit report for a while (you can do this for free for 30 days at

    Alternatively get them for Experian and Equifax for £2 each.

    Also you could go back to Nationwide after a couple of months and ask for an increase. I think 3 months is usually the stated figure.
  • trets77trets77 Forumite
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    i rang my local branch and got my morgage advisor on the case she got them to ring me . they upped my credit limit to a paltry £1500.BIG WOW. i can apply to have it increased in 6 months which is fine as i,m only planning a city break in that time period.

    i think your right about about my cancelled credit cards being the problem i,ve bagged a couple of freebies in last couple of months. and was up to £40,000 of potential credit ( all unused).

    as regards to my experiance with the Nationwide i have always found the branch service execellent. and was glad when i re morgaged with them when i moved last year. of all the evil banks on the high street they are a much more trust worthy bunch but they need to sort the telephone side of things out. i had a long wait when i called to cancel some insurance with them. i know what your saying about most call centers being busy ect but 50 mins is VERY POOR by any measure. i,d be demanding a refund for my call charges were it not a 0800 number

    maybe i,m being a little harsh with the delay in getting the card and the credit limit but i bank with First Direct so maybe a get more angry cause i know what telephone customer service CAN be like.

    my advice get the card ( i mean it is the only one without NASTY overseas charges.) but be aware of the time taken to get a phone answered, Now if you could just get that sorted Nationwide i,d happily not make anymore negative posts.:beer:
    Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:
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    Why not appeal against the credit limit,the department concerned are not face,but this is a question of principle ,and I can understand how you feel.The posts about individuals favourable contact with Nationwide ,does not help your case.
    Sometimes circumstances go against us ,but that does not mean they view you badly,just a set of policies,do not take it personal
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    my limit is about 6.5 k I think, I have some e savings and a 60k investment backed, interest only mortgage with them.
  • trets77trets77 Forumite
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    thanks for the help guys but anthor post has now appeared on this forum thread about Nationwides customer service or rather lack of it.


    Better in my pocket than theirs :rotfl:
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