security in empty house.whats best?

having completed on our dream house,we have had to leave it empty while we tie up loose ends at our current home, its giving me sleepless nights worrying over the security of it.
we live 200miles away so cant pop around daily. its empty of furniture ,
whats best
leave blinds open so burgalars can see nothing in there to pinch?
close blinds and fit timers on lights for evenings,bearing in mind blinds would be closed all day.?
any thoughts?


  • poppysarahpoppysarah Forumite
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    Not to leave it empty.
    A good neighbour.
    Timers for lights and a radio... (Plus Some fake TV device apparently that makes the same lights as if a TV on in room)

    Speak to local police and let them know it's empty at the moment - might not do anything but it'll reassure you that it's been mentioned maybe.

    Double check insurance valid.
  • timmyttimmyt Forumite
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    close the curtains at the back of the house - so burglars cannot be sure it is empty - and keep the front ones partially closed.

    have timer lights (switch the water off and make sure pipes are lagged).

    will neighbours keep an eye out?

    (send yourself a letter from time to time to get the postman visiting, though that might be a crazy worthless idea)
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  • there will always be junk mail being delivered anyway...
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    your insurance may be invalid if it is unoccupied for more than 30 days. check this now! you may need a specialist policy.
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    Timing lights are always good. I would also ask the neighbours to pop round and check every now and then. I also like the idea of that TV light simulation thingy, definately go with that as its new tech and burglers wont be as accustomed to it.
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    Why are you so worried? We are buying a house that has been empty for several months - and looked at several like it. They seem to have survived this far! If I owned them I would have been more worried about the effects of the really bad winter we have just had than "security"

    Obviously you take the normal precautions - but are gangs of squatters patrolling the streets round there? If so, do you really want to live in that area anyway?

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    Property Guardian - look at the Camelot property management company and others.

    House sitter.
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    Some insurers will demand that if unoccupied for more than 30 days, that the water is turned off, all pipework drained (including CH), and the electricity turned off - which makes all talk of timers and lights redundant.

    Insurers are your first port of call to see if you're covered and under what conditions.
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    Get a phone line and broadband installed, put in an IP CCTV camera with motion detection, it will email or text you if anyone enters the field of view. And you have have a look at the empty rooms over the internet before you go to bed and reassure yourself.
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    I don't think it's unreasonable to be concerned. My friend's hub just fitted 5 kitchens in some new builds and they've all been ruined by thieves trashing the place to remove the cabling for the copper!

    Sorry, this wasn't meant to add to your fear, rather to acknowledge your concerns.

    Timer lights with random settings etc, neighbourhood watch?
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