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Just completed - should I change locks?

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Just completed - should I change locks?

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Enigma80Enigma80 Forumite
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Hi all, after a slightly drawn out farce, we just completed our first purchase! :j

I just wondered how many of you change the locks when you move into a new home? I've considered changing the locks but I don't know how pricey it will be considering that the front and rear doors are upvc double glazed with multipoint locks and all that.

Would it be a simple barrel change that can be done by any lock smith or would I need to call out the company who put the doors in?




  • MousemanMouseman Forumite
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    I would certainly change the locks. Make em good ones too, don't skimp on obvious security!

    Do you want the possibility of someone having a key to your house?! :eek:
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    jenny74jenny74 Forumite
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    We moved in October and changed our locks. They are uPVC multipoint locking doors and well, but they can be changed fairly easily. We went to a locksmith and had all the barrels made to fit the same key, so we have the same key for front, back, french and side garage doors.

    You don't know who's been given a 'spare' key to your new home. :)


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  • Enigma80Enigma80 Forumite
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    I suppose.
  • G_MG_M Forumite
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    Always change them.

    Contact the upvc manufacturer and buy new barrels direct from them. Then fit them yourself. Easy! :T
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  • EmmziEmmzi Forumite
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    yes, change them
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  • chapperschappers Forumite
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    they will be euro barrels they are pretty simple to change just google "changing a euro cylinder" that will tell you how to get them out, then measure the length of them and go buy the same sized ones. and change them over.
  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    I seem to be the only person on here who when I moved in, never considered changing the locks.:o
    Thinking about it now it seems an obvious thing to do, but the people I bought off were so friendly and helpful it just never occurred to me they might do anything dodgy.
    I think I eventually got them changed 8 years after moving in, when one broke.
    Good luck in your new home BTW.
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  • Sammy85_2Sammy85_2 Forumite
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    Elsien - exactly the same, nice sellers, never crossed my mind to change the locks! Got me thinking now!!
    :jProud mummy to a beautiful baby girl born 22/12/11 :j
  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    no i never thought about it
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  • mlz1413mlz1413 Forumite
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    I have never changed the locks nor known my parents to during our many moves, but in my current house I had stuff go missing - mainly food and wine but it really bothered me and I wish I had thought about this and changed the locks not just for security but for peace of mind as well.

    I also remember a friend who bought a lovely family house and the doors kept being unlocked when they got home - never anything missing so husband & wife blamed each other for weeks until they realised it wasn't them.

    So for peace of mind definately change the locks, just the barrels is sufficent.
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