Pipex Homecall and Pipex broadband: watch out



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    Stuff it, having the same hassle, cancelled and requested MAC. Sooo Loonngggg Pipex.
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    Pipex: still maintain vigilance

    After the Pipex Homecall fiasco I would advise anyone to be wary of Pipex internet - they just do not reward loyal, long-standing customers and their promotional tactics are more than suspect. Unfortunately, the broadband services market is in considerable turmoil at the moment with all kinds of confusing pricing tricks so, like energy suppliers, it may well be best to stand back and wait to see which broadband service emerges as the most reliable, stable and trustworthy.

  • I left pipex having been a loyal customer for 3years +

    Found out i was being ripped off in todays market and they didnt really care or offer me a competitve deal. Order my MAC which they said would be emailed in 5 working days - it wasnt so phoned them up and they managed to do it right there and give to me over the phone!
  • We are quite to new to the internet and we went with Pipex from recommendation. We had a 2mb line and limited download at £14.99 per month. We wanted to upgrade to 8mb line which we were told was free of charge and it would take 10 days to do.

    10 days has been and gone and we are now on a 1.7mb line and and have had the direct debit taken for £14.99 but also another direct debt taken 10 days later £21.89...wasn't that good of them!!!!!

    My husband is on the phone to them now. He spoke to one man after holding for 10 mins who said he didn't know why the second dd had been taken but he'll get the 'Finance Department' to call on Monday. With regards to the 1.7 mb line he had no idea what was wrong and would put him through to 'Technical'. That was 10 minutes ago and he's still on hold. (he gave up and I wrote a snotty e-mail instead!!! I feel better for it too!!!!)

    Our contract expires in March and we will be going elsewhere!!!! I'm furious!!!!

    28th September - my e-mail got an automatic reply stating that it would take 5-7 working days to be dealt with. After 8 days I got an e-mail stating that it has been passed to another department and that will take another 2-3 working days to be dealt with. That was four days ago....I'M WAITING STILL!!!!

    The sad thing is a friend of ours (who recommended Pipex to us) never has any problems got upgraded to 8mb for free and it was completely hitch free too. Not fair!

    6TH OCTOBER UPDATE - Still awaiting a reply to my original e-mail. Had a couple of fob of e-mails from them stating that they are passing it to different departments but still nothing. I keep e-mailing them...nothing. So, I've made a complaint about my complaint. I hope it hacks them off enough to do something. It doesn't bother me as a typist of 70 wpm I can go on and on and on and on and on!!!!! LOL!!! :mad:

    13TH OCTOBER UPDATE - After them e-mailing me a couple of days ago to ask for my account number (!), they have sent me another e-mail today saying they can't answer my query as my e-mail did not have the original first e-mail attached to it (even though I quoted them the complaint log number). In the last couple of e-mails all they have said is for me to contact them by telephone to solve the query but to be frank I'm not prepared to waste any more money by being put on hold for 20 minutes.

    Told my husband they can have that £21.89 and I hope it chokes them!!!!

    I think they must have known that most customers can be 'beaten off' by sheer frustration if they act as useless as possible. Guess it works cause I am most definately beaten!!!!

    I consider myself to be very lucky. :j Apart from my mortgate, I am debt free. I do not own a credit card and I even have £400 saved in Premium Bonds. :A :grouphug:
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    same here, was promised 'free' upgrade to 8meg when it becomes available - which influenced my decision to go with Pipex - phoned them last month about it and they denied all knowledge, and said I would have to take out a new contract for a year! Not bl**dy likely! I am off in march too when my contract finishes, only wish I could do it sooner! This is a seriously poor company, which doesn't honour what it promises, and seriously throttles p2p downloads....AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
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    Pipex wouldn't upgrade my service to 8Mb and were charging me 33.99pm instead of the 27.99 they advertised for new customers. would have had to sign a new 12m contract despite planning to move in next 6. Got my MAC code and swithced to Nildram. Much happier. Only problem is they are owned by Pipex. Nildram are 1month contract, 8mb, 50gb on peak usage allowance (no limit off peak so just schedule downloading) with no throttleing, 25.99pm.
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    The deal is Pipex Max at 33.99-
    # Up to 8Mb broadband
    # NO usage allowance*
    Are there anyone out there offering completely uncapped upto 8meg broadband for less??

    Demon offer home 8000 for 19.99 with a FUP.

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    I been with pipex for about 3 years. Not exactly had a problem with them, but there are better deals out there. I called their customer service waited 20 mins. Ask for mac code, and its been delivered to me by email in 3 days...
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