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This thread is specifically to discuss the content of the

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  • As this guide is so popular why not make it available as PDF download so all MSEs can enjoy without fuss of a reprinting?
    'A Man Who Knows The Price Of Everything Knows The Value of Nothing' Oscar Wilde
  • bobobrusselbobobrussel Forumite
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    I agree with knight-on-the-town. Lets save it a a PDF and then even more people can download and view it. I know that could put strain on the new servers, BUT, a mortgage is probably the biggest debt anyone will have during their lifetime and if you can save money, lots of money, then surely its got to be worth it.

    I for one would like 800 copies so I can distribute them to my local community through our community regeneration newsletter. If you're listening London & Country, PM me and we'll discuss it more.
  • I tried to get a copy this morning, but can't believe how popular they have been. I am about to remortgage, so the guide would have been perfect. Without trying to be too cynical, I wonder how many people actually have ordered a copy but are not about to remortgage! If anyone ordered one, but now realises that they have run out already and didn't actually need their copy I would really appreciate it!.

    LBM 12.09.12 - £53K in debt.
    DFD - 11.07.2019 (OMG).
    New DFD is 28.10.2018 due to paying the absolute maximum.

    Thanks to everyone on the DMP forum, and to SC for helping me out of this huge hole.
  • Agree with the other posts on the subject re putting the guide on .pdf format.

    Great site Martin .......saved me £100's already ! ;)
  • we sold our endownment after mis-selling problems, but now we are looking for some other investment plan to help us get the 22k that we have left after current term which is interest only and over 7 yrs. We have also got our daughter 24k out of the equity she has also 7yrs on term for her it is also interest only, she is 25 yrs old come April could anyone share their thoughts on which options are best for us.
  • Making the guide available on-line, in either pdf or Word format, makes it freely avail;able to all who might want a copy, and when we loose the original, we will know where to get a replacement quickly.

    Sponsors need not loose out either, as they could add their blurb. ;)
  • Please keep adding in support of this thread. This sound like its the Remortgage Bible ... cant really wait 4 weeks for a reprint and suspect that will be gone as fast as the last. On-line PDF version would save lots of time, money and postage and is environmentally friendly in paper saving! Guess Martin cant read all postings so anyone know how we can get message to him to request on-line version? Untill then I guess the more posts added here in support the better!
    'A Man Who Knows The Price Of Everything Knows The Value of Nothing' Oscar Wilde
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    Hi Folks,

    Whilst I understand what you are saying. Unfortunately putting it in PDF isn't possible. As you'll note this isn't just a MSE publication - it's agreed with a sponsor and I need to play fair with them. (I want to do more guides in the future and the only way to pay for them and the resource for them is via this way).

    We've secured 15,000 more and they should be around pretty quickly. I'm really sorry people didn't get.

    However in the meantime the online mortgage guide is 5,000 words long - all the core info is there and if you read it in conjunction with

    "sneakily get the best mortgage advice for free"
    "how to choose between a fixed and discount rate"

    You'll be very close to the final guide itself.

    Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
    Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • Appreciate your reply Martin.

    I suspect the next 15,000 will be gone just as quick.

    1. Is it possible to apply for one in advance i.e. so those who want one can sign up now.? Would it not be helpful if you could assess the demand in advance and go back to the sponsors and say we have advanced orders for 'X' number of copies? I suspect demand may be double or treble the 15,000 reprint.

    2. Is it possible to raise the possibility of a PDF version with the sponsor? It will save postage, time and hassle. The paperless version would also be a 'greener' option something I would have thought the sponsors would have wanted to promote and associate with given the impact of global warming and everyone doing what they can to do their bit to reduce it.

    PS Great site... my comments are hopefully constructive
    'A Man Who Knows The Price Of Everything Knows The Value of Nothing' Oscar Wilde
  • paylesspayless Forumite
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    2. Is it possible to raise the possibility of a PDF version with the sponsor?

    I would assume that the sponsors are keen to gain some contact details
    Any posts on here are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as (financial) advice.
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