Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter
I joined sky back in November my tv was installed in December with the phone line due to go in end of December due to some problems i only just got my phone line installed yesterday! 3 months later!! When i first joined sky i went for the offer with the order the tv, phone and broadband. But you get the broadband free. I've gone to order my broadband only to be told i don't live in the area with the free broadband and that i would have to pay £10.00 a month for this. can they by rights do this?? i wasn't told when i took the offer out that this was the case so i was assuming that it was all free. Now i have been told i have to pay the £10 and they won't do me an offer for false advertisement.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so what can be done about it?
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