March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • rachbcrachbc Forumite
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    I'm going for 350 this month - never actually had a strict budget, more a rough idea of how much I'd like to spend then no monitoring of if I achieved it but this month its cash in a jar and keeping receipts for everything! We shall far I've done the big shop plus a top up of fruit and veg and am on track....
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  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    Li*l have 4 tins of branston beans on offer for 89p at the moment HTH someone, it certainly helped me.

    Thanks Elizabunny, that helps me a lot as I've just used the last tin and only buy beans on offer!
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    hi all, spent £138 out of £280 budget so far, which am quite pleased with as I work my month from the 25th to the 25th so nearly half way. I have to say this has been a great exercise for me as it makes you realise just what you can live on.:D
    Had a great risotto tonight, here is recipe if anybody is interested
    1 onion,2 cloves garlic, 6 rashers of chopped streaky bacon, 300g risotto rice, 1litre of veg stock, 100g frozen peas.
    Fry off chopped onion and bacon, add garlic, rice and stock reduce heat and cover, cook for 15-20 mins until rice is tender stir in peas for last few mins, season. serve sprinkled with parmesan.
    (I also added a few mushrooms as they needed using up and substituded some of stock for white wine as needed using up too)
    I would say it was a cheap & easy dish and went down a treat.:)
    good luck everyone, stay focused

    Sounds delish, thanks. I need more rice ideas, does it have to be rissoto rice?
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
    Progress is easier to acheive than perfection.
  • poppy-glospoppy-glos Forumite
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    two more nsd's for me, had a debate with myself on the drive home from work of what i 'needed' from tesco,

    have run out of fish food which they now don't stock in my town, so was planning on buying cucumber and prawns for the tropical fish to tide them over - am going to give them some boiled egg yolk tonight for tea.
    wanted to buy bread for breakfast and packed lunches tomorrow = have made soft chewy tortillas for breakfast and packed lunches.
    wanted to buy fruit for lunchboxes = going to use the dried sultana and apricots or open some of the tinned stash - pineapple or pear.

    so, off on the hunt for fish food tomorrow now...
    nov grocery challenge, £.227.69/300, 9/25 nsd: , 7 Cmo, 10 egm.
    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
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    Evening All!

    Back from Tesco for the weekly shop which came to a grand total of £22.08:j However, still have a few fresh bits to get on Saturday as having parents round for tea on Sunday.

    However, am very pleased with how the budget is looking :T

    I shall update my signature!
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    Sunny_DonnySunny_Donny Forumite
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    Hi All
    Late joining, but £150 for march please.
    Have visited Netto, Lidl, Sainsbugs and mr T's and market and spent £67.40 so far. Used a few vouchers in Mr T and Mr S's so saved about £4.00
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
  • Have spent £29.49 this week, so I have to try to be good! I *should* have everything I need barring disaster, so hopefully that 51p won't be spent!
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  • £26.75 at Sainsbugs today. Had £3 off a £30 shop token. And also saved £5.66 on BOGOFs and deals.
    Off to update sig.
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    Good evening all. Have had 4 NSDs in a row this week so far- my best yet! Have just enough milk left for tea tomorrow at breakfast and I told my DH not to drink any when he comes back from his barbershop choir practice this evening as I will be going to Sainsbury's in the morning. BUT - he has threatened to drink it and go to the village shop at breakfast time to buy a spare pint. I have said it isn't necessary - he says he will pay out of his newspaper money - but it will still feel like a defeat and I will add it to my total I think. Most of the time he is very good and supports my efforts to stay on budget - do you think I am being mean? He could drink something else - there is fruit juice available.

    Have made my list for Sainsbury's tomorrow - maily F&V and dairy stuff so hope to stay under £30. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow!

  • Evening all,

    have finally gone through receipts properly and updated sig, about time too!

    Have spent quite a lot but dont feel like i have much to show for it really. I have stocked up on loads of whoopsie bread and also lentils too.

    I did my first 'proper' shop for ages today, in Mr A, spent £27.58 for our shop which was mostly fresh fruit and veg and salad. Also bought some frozen bits for dh for when he is hungry and 'theres nowt in' :)and im at work, on their four £1 frozen products for £3. Its a good selection and includes frozen veg which i get a lot of as it doesnt spoil. Also got myself a pair of jeans for a whole £4-should knock that off my total actually.

    Am debating going into the city centre tomorrow with my sister for a wander around the shops but it inevitabley leads to more spending so not sure yet plus we are going to the greyhound racing with dad on Friday night, which doesnt really cost that much as my dad makes a few quid go all night! But still money im not sure i want to spend!

    Oh well, off to watch the 'Famous, Rich and Jobless' programme on BBC1, it was on last night to, its interesting i think.

    Night all x
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