March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    well so much for my nsd today:mad: i went ti i**lands and spent £26.50 but did get quite a few bits for the freezer ie chicken breasts, casserloe beef etc. im now off to reduce my order on te*sco's which is coming tomorrow;)
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
  • Another little spend today at the Co Op on the Heinz tomato soups that are half price, a half price naan bread for dinner tonight with meatballs & rice, some coke and some butter as I feel an urge to do some baking.

    Normally by now on my 2 days off I would have spent over £100 and I've only spent about £55 but still I am going to have to be careful with my budget now especially I am going to meet the really low 2nd target which I need to balance the books from the last few months.
    Grocery aim £450pm.Spent £519 August, £584 July, £544 June, £541 May, £549 April, £517 March, £517 Feb,£555 Jan, £573 Dec, £465Nov, £561Oct, £493Sept, £426Aug,£496 Jul, £528Jun, £506May,£498April, £558 March, £500Feb, £500 Jan, £490 Dec, £555 Nov,£566 Oct, £505Sept, £450Aug, £410 July, £437 June, £491 May, £471 April, £440 March, £552Feb, £462Jan
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    ragz wrote: »
    I found this article really interesting... they cost one up to see how it compares to supermarkets
    I've been considering buying a veg box to make myself eat/cook more veg as I really don't use a lot at the moment.
    I have been having an organic veg box deliverd weekly for the last 4 years now.

    Mine is from a farm local to me not one of the "big names".

    I pay £11 for a box of veg that apart from a few extra potatoes is enough for my family of 4.
    The farm I get mine from did a comparison approx 18 months ago and for a similar amount of organic produce mostly imported so also food miles it cost approx £5 more at the supermarket.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
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    £4 spend yesterday in co-op, mostly chocolate and reduced bread!
    Also DH spent nearly £300 in Belgium and France as he went to stock up on tobacco (Will last him over 6 months and saved hundreds), brought me back some french bread!
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    Hi, Just on to update my spends.

    Went to MrT last night as both DS's need new passports and that's my closest photo booth. £8 spent on photos but from a diff. budget. Did buy 2 lots of their meatballs at £3 plus fresh tomato sauce, and some sweets for the children - £6.67.

    Went to buy mothers day gifts from the florist this morning (£17.95 diff. budget) and popped into MrW as it was next door. Spent £8.81 on dog food, chopped toms, focaccia, 6 pack crisps and a custard tart nommy.

    Just 16% of my budget left, but have had an invite to SILs on Sunday as BIL is cooking for us Mums. The meatballs completed my meal plan, so it's just F&V, bread and possibly another dog food before 22nd March when my GC ends.

    Slight change of plan for Saturday as we're going to visit my Mum and this will involve a takeaway for the 6 of us - cheaper than a meal out. Thinking fish and chips, my fave takeaway, and one that all the family like.

    Off to update sig.
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    Hi all.

    Not been on in over a week as I'm really busy now with this course and applying for jobs. I have, however, kept up with my menu planning and shopping. Today's shop at Netto was £80.27 :T No more to do this week hopefully as I found quite a bit of meat in the freezer and my Mum gave us a large Oakham chicken as they were going away. Signature updated.

    We are having a takeaway tonight to celebrate some good family news but that's out of a different budget.

    Hope that everyone is doing ok and hugs/happy birthday/congrats where necessary xxx :)
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    I am now up to £293 of my planned £450. Doesn't sound too good but I have all the meat and storecupboard components of my meal plan, and I have all the household and pet stuff so in theory milk, bread, fruit and veg.

    I made the mistake of going to Makro for coffee pods as T seem to have stopped stocking them and spent £87.53. Worth calling in for the milk alone if I had the self control - 4x 2L is £3.20! The toilet roll mountain is up to 70 rolls (48 charmin 9.59 + vat), and I have 40 rolls of Plenty kitchen towel (32 plain rolls for 9.49 + vat). Not sure where I will store things once our en suite is actually plumbed in. The bath is full of paper goods :o.
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    Hi everyone

    Unfortunately I haven't been on this months thread although we are still menu planning and trying to be sensible with grocery shopping. I haven't been keeping a running total but will work it out later.

    Good luck to you all.

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    Grocery day today...just had my [email protected] delivery for £48.08. Had run out of milk and bread completely! Did a downshift on some items today for the first time. Bought value washing powder and own brand version of [email protected] [email protected] Hopefully they'll be acceptable.
    Going to try this budget bolognese for tea.
    Feeling a bit despondant today for some reason! It's a hard struggle sometimes! Probably to do with the arrival of the 10/11 council tax bill!:(
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  • My first shop for march came to £24.46 and for some unknown reason I bought 3 tins of spelt wheat for 59p -I haven't got a clue what to do with it and thought I might mix it in a salad unless anyone else has any ideas -I thought it was put into bread but tinned spelt? I think I had a brain storm as I'm still adding up the february receipts:o

    A weird snap! I bought 3 tins of spelt last week however it cost me about £1.40 in Waitrose...

    I have used one tin so far in a salad - added finely chopped cucumber, radishes and 1/2 a poached chicken breast sliced up, plus a handful of black olives, was very tasty :)
    I love food, hate waste and have a penchant for sparkly things ::D

    Trying to find a work life balance...:rotfl:
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