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Great 'Free Valentine's Gifts' Hunt

edited 9 February 2010 at 10:15PM in Marriage, Relationships & Families
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  • I've bought OH a Sweetie jar (£1 Asda) and filled it with dolly mix, love hearts, flying saucers etc and then put in some heart shaped notes telling him how much i love him :) Tied it with a red ribbon into a bow and put a big red heart shaped tag on it! :D

    Also going to make Valentines cupcakes and heart shaped strawberry jelly!! :D:D:D
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  • Cheap, guaranteed to go down a treat, quick and only a small amount (if any) of preparation required... Sounds too good to be true for Valentines Day?? Well hopefully sharing these ideas will help you if your last, you've forgotten or you're both skint and in agreement not to bother this year. I've split this down in to 5 main sections, one for free stuff, one for cheap stuff and one for if your away from home for Valentines. Plus, these ideas can be used any day of the year, just to let someone you love know how much. I've added a fourth section which gives you a couple of ideas to capture the occasion. Lastly I've added a section for Valentine's haters! Ooo, and I've used the abbreviation which I hate of OH (other half) because this can be for a man or woman, married or un-married, young or old and I just thought this covered all eventualities.

    Free (or nearly almost free, less than a quid anyway!)

    * Tell your OH that you're taking them out somewhere exciting. Tell them to dress warm. Drive to a field somewhere and spread a blanket. Get your OH to lie down on their back with you, then make pictures out of the clouds; telling them what the different types of clouds are. Or spot star constellations if you go on a night, explain what they mean. Particularly Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation. Some pre-planning may be involved if you don't know your nebulae from your galaxies, or your cumulus from your stratus.
    * Take a book that your OH is reading and on their current page underline letters like a code using a pencil. Spell out a secret message, a simple I-l-o-v-e-y-o-u for example.
    * Place an advert in your local free newspaper, it's cheesy and you have to be willing to put yourself out there, but sweet too.
    * Spend the day baking, wear aprons and make indulgent treats like shortbread, cookies, brownies, cakes; you'll have as much fun sampling them as you did making them.
    * Take your OH to the beach; grab a stick and write I love you in a massive heart. Make foot prints and hand prints in the film. Take a picture and treasure it - or even take a picture of your footprints in the sand from where you've walked.
    * Have a boardgame day. Get all of your old boardgames out and have a day inyour PJs just playing a boardgame league
    * Make breakfast in bed. Free if you use things you already have in, or if you want something exotic or indulgent then you'll have to spend a few pounds.
    * Coupons - an old favourite for us cheapskates - give a book of coupons with daft things in that you will do for your OH, could be babysit the kids while they catch up with friends, could be cook a romantic dinner, could be miss the football one week for a romantic day out; this way the love lasts longer!
    * Drive or walk to a remote area, take your OH by the hand and ask them to dance; when they look perplexed, take out an Ipod and share an ear each and then preprogram it with 'your' song. Then dance. This wont fail to get you in the good books for a long time...
    * Fill an Ipod or make a CD for your OH; choose sentimental or meaningful songs
    * Draw or paint a picture, the simpler and more child like the better. Scribble I love you on it, as if a child has done it. Then, place it in a really formal looking (bill brown) envelope and pop it in the post. Instant gratification for the price of a first class stamp. Sending it to the workplace is even better, provided they don't pre-open the post!
    * Send an email or a text. Particularly if OH thinks you've forgotten about it, or if you've been having a bad spot and things have become a little stale owing to busy work, home, family life. Put your deepest feelings in to it, or make it short, snappy and sexy. Guaranteed to see a blush ;o)
    * Borrow (if you don't have them) two bikes and go for a bike ride together. The exercise will get your adrenaline pumping; then take a shower together when you get home.
    * Go to the park for the afternoon. The park near my OH's parents house has a boating lake, a roller-skating ring and loads of little individual 'play' areas, with swings and roundabouts and climbing frames. Something very romantic about parks in winter and pushing your OH on a swing.
    * Encourage your OH to update their Ipod, and you make sure yours is. Then swap. Listen to what your OH loves, you'll be surprised sometimes when your lives are busy you don't have time or forget to take an interest in each other, even in each other's taste in music.
    * Another old favourite, get a jar (old coffee, mayo, jam jar) and then cover the lid and glass using something simple like masking tape - paint it and write on in markers your choice of message. Then cut out either 365 (daily), 52 (weekly), 12 (monthly) pieces of paper and either write a note, a poem, a 'coupon' or something similar on each one. That way your OH can be reminded how much you love them every day / month / week.
    * Write the lyrics to 'your' song. Cut out each line and then hide them where your partner will see them (i.e. wrapped around their toothbrush, under their coffee mug, taped to the steering wheel).
    * Get an old, unused key and put it in a nicely covered box. Write on the outside 'The best present you could wish for' and on the inside 'the Key to my Heart'.
    * If it's raining, drag your OH outside, no coats, preferably bare arms or skin; kiss them. Go back in and warm up / dry off together.
    * Take a photo frame or shoe box. Fill it full of pictures, cinema stubs, sweet wrappers, etc etc like a love collage or memory box. This will work best if you've been collecting for some time and are some what of a hoarder. I have boxes full of momentos, including receipts, tickets, love letters, etc.
    * Put a note in your OH's lunch box. Consider buying a mini version of their favourite chocs and adding this too - even if it's a 15p chomp! Lindt Lindor, After Eights, Ferrero Rocher, Roses, Thorntons, Green and Blacks; all do minis now. They can be bought for less than £2.
    * Send a text / email / leave a note saying 'I can recommend a great masseur, here's the number' then leave your number. You can substitute masseur for something else, like Spa if things have been stressful (then do a pamper night of face masks, nail painting, foot and hand massage, etc) or Hairdresser if you haven't had the money to go to the salon lately (get some home hair dye or borrow a clipper set).
    * While your OH is showering / bathing sneak in to the bathroom. Write a note in the steam on the mirror.
    * Find out the times of sunset / sunrise. Drive to a point where the view is clear. Take a flask and cuddle up. Get ready for one of the most spectacular shows you'll ever see.
    * Go for a picnic, an oldie but a goodie. Particularly if it's freezing and wet. Your OH wont suspect a thing, but be prepared with waterproofs and warm blankets / coats, take a big golfing / fishing umbrella for instant shelter. You'll be the only ones there if the weathers awful, so you're guaranteed privacy.
    * Place glitter, sparkling heart shaped confetti, rose petals (or similar - even if their home made out of red paper and fragranced with perfume) plus little love notes behind your OHs sunvisor in the car (passenger side if you're the driver). If they're the driver, on the outer of the visor place a note saying 'open here, before driving' (because otherwise it's dangerous). Then they will be showered with petals and notes from you.
    * Pretend you've forgotten about V Day. When your OH is sat annoyed with you eating their breakfast, sneak up from behind and massage their shoulders and back. Lean in and whisper Happy Valentines Day, I love you.
    * Make a treasure hunt. This can lead to a small present, or lead to you wrapped up in a big red ribbon.
    * This will work, particularly if your OH has a stressful job or has had a bad day. Run a hot bubble bath. Literally put your OH in to the bath, kneel down and share a glass of wine together. Wash them. When they get out, wrap them in warm, soft and fluffy towels and then you dry them. Help them dress in to cosy PJs, brush their hair for them, guide them to their bed and tuck them in to the clean, ironed, soft bedding. Kiss them on the forehead and read them a bedtime story.
    * Customise a story book or cartoon strip for you and your OH. This may need some printing equipment or a photocopier for example. Or you could just write one yourself.
    * Write a song, a piece of music, a poem and give this as your gift; if you don't have a talent like that then read a story out loud, or steal someone elses poetry. Or do something you're good at, like bake.

    Inexpensive (can be tailored to your budget)

    * Paint, draw, craft, mould each other - using craft supplies. You can finger paint, make hand or foot prints, use plaster of paris or clay to make impressions, etc. You can even go to a pottery. There are a few in the North East I know where you can throw and fire your own clay creations for less than a tenner. A perfect and lasting keepsake (think of the scene from Ghost!)
    * Buy some glow in the dark low adhesive sticker lettering. Write a note across the ceiling which will show up when you turn out the lights at bedtime.
    * Rent a film, cook some popcorn and turn your living room in to the back row of the movies.
    * Buy a Kite and go fly it, especially if you can get your hands on one with a dual control.
    * Go to the Asda CYO Pizza counter and ask them to shape the toppings in to a love heart. Ask your OH to go check on it when it's cooking.
    * Go to a nursery and buy a tree; plant it together somewhere special.
    * Buy a cheap bouquet of flowers. Substitute one for an artificial flower and clip a card to it saying 'I will love you until the last flower dies'.
    * Get a nice compact, pocket or hand held mirror and put it in a box. Attach a card saying 'In this box you will see an image of the most beautiful person in the world'.
    * Go to a cheap B+B for the night. In Scarborough they have B+Bs for £15 per couple per night. Don't go out anywhere, take a cool box of food and just have a bed day.
    * Pick a stone up from your favourite beach. Take it to the jewellers and get a message engraved on it. Put it in a box, 'hand picked for you, from our beach'.
    * Get flowers delivered to work. Ok this is pretty expensive. Get a friend to deliver a shop bought bouquet for you. At the moment Asda have 12 red roses for £2!
    * Register the pair of you on a course together, perhaps cookery, yoga or similar. Something your OH has wanted to try but you've been reluctant perhaps
    * Get their pet dog a little present too, they will be over the moon! Another guaranteed good books entry.
    * Do some research and find a present which they have always wanted (like I got my OH a Mr. Frosty Ice Maker last year as she'd always wanted one as a kid). Or, again with a little research, get them something they've been after for a while to support a hobby.
    * Get the pair of you booked in for a professional photo shoot. At the moment a studio near me is selling vouchers work £145 (£50 photo shoot, £95 to spend on a print) for a tenner. It's thoughtful and romantic.
    * Do something you both love. If you both love going ice skating or simply to the cinema, do that. It's personal small things that make the biggest and most long term impression.
    * Get a babysitter for the night, but send the kids to them (so Grandparents or friends / family). Cook a meal together and chill.

    If you're going to be away for Valentines day, or your OH is.

    * Leave a note to say you've hired a bodyguard while your away; tell them it's on the bed waiting. Leave a big teddy on the bed with one of your jumpers draped on it.
    * Sneak a note in to their suitcase / bag
    * Leave a little present in their bag, could be an item of your clothing for them to wear for bed, or an Ipod filled with meaningful songs.
    * Make them a survival kit. This can be if your away, they are, or one of you just has to go for work for the day (or even if your both just at home). Put in it a paperback by their favourite author, their favourite or a new DVD, a handheld game (like DS), an Ipod or walkman, their favourite sweets, little love notes, a candle, herbal teas, a magazine they love, hot chocolate sachets, a slumber mask, a mini teddy, their favourite mini bottle of wine, etc... you get the idea.


    * Borrow a polaroid camera or if you're lucky enough to have one, load it with film, and get plenty of snaps and give one to your OH as a keepsake, with a personal ink inscription
    * Go to the passport photo booth on your travels a get some pictures done together; ever seen Beaches?
    * Journal / Scrapbook; spend some time together and chronicle the experiences you've shared.

    Hate Valentines Day?

    * Do any of the above (bar the really intimate ones) with your mates or siblings. You and your sister go to the cinema, you and your best mate cook a 'romantic' meal together, then settle down for a film and bottle of wine.
    * If you're not single, you just hate V Day, spend this day how you would normally... Don't succumb to the commercialism and just enjoy each other's company. But avoid restaurants, etc as they are likely to be all Valentine themed and this might annoy you!

    Hope this gives you some ideas. Most of all remember you don't need a day to do any of these things and you don't need to have a lot of money, extravagant gifts or trips away to show someone that you love them. Happy Valentines. xx
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    saying i love you and maybe going for romantic walk in park, followed by a romantic massage thats free.telling your other half you love them can say loads more than chocs and flowers, hope my other half not reading dis i love choc haha
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