Tesco wouldn't take any coupons

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    "No question whatsoever of the consumer committing any dishonest act let alone fraud when presenting a coupon."


    I've had another look at your first reply and I may have misunderstood part of it. Had the above bit read: " In my opinion there is no question............" I would have taken a different view. I took it as a rhetorical question about what I was alleging.

    So, sorry about that, though I don't think it changes my conclusions.

    cheers schiff
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    no, all were in date, she said they would only take for items i'd bought, and even then that came to more than she took, i should have made a bigger deal off it really but they make you feel bad for trying to use coiupons to save on your shopping, i've still got the coupons though so will just use them when getting lunch for us all in the office or save til next time and try again!
    This time next year Rodney... :D
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    thats what i thought the coupons were for anyway, if you have a coupon you get 20p off when you buy it next,
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    ayla261 wrote:
    :mad: i've just done £160 shop in tescos so i'm obviously not trying to mug the store just get a bit off a discount, handed lady approx £10 in vouchers all differnet and all manufactors coupons...she took 45p!!:eek: don't think we'll do tescos anymore

    it is ridiculous that tesco cant follow policy on vouchers consistently and clearly.

    i always insist that the vouchers are accepted and detail the head office policy and state to the checkout that if he/she doesnt want to process them then she can cancel the bill and call a supervisor to deal with this.

    if the supervisor says no i repeat the tesco policy and ask for the store manager.

    surprise surprise the vouchers are always accepted, normally by checkout after i say if shes not happy cancel the bill and call the supervisor.

    dont be sheepish about it - be confident. and dont be apologetic to those in the queue - involve them and tell them they have to wait because tesco is not following its own policies consisently.

    and if you have a complaint about tesco stick it on http://tesco-complaint.blogspot.com/
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    Does anyone have the email transcript from Tesco saying they accept coupons even if products aren't bought? I was refused and told that Tesco doesn't accept coupons unless item is bought :rolleyes:
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  • keren29 wrote:
    Well, it seems somebody has spoilt it for us all - well, anyone who uses the Poole Fleetsbridge Tesco.

    You used to be able to use as many money off coupons as you wanted to, as long as they were all different.

    Last weekend, a supervisor came up to me at the self scan and said I could only have 50% of my shopping in vouchers as long as they were all different - not a problem, I had less than 50% anyway and they were all different.

    Just been in today - Had £15 in shopping and £5 in all different vouchers. I scanned the first one (a 25p one- kicking myself for not putting in a £1 one!) and the supervisor came over. She said frostily in my face - have you bought any of those items, looking at the vouchers in my hand. I said yes, the chicago pizzas. She put through 2 of the 25p ones and said I couldn't use the others. I said I thought I could go to 50% and she no, due to abuse.

    Apparently, somebody had spent £90 and used £70 (yes, £70 ) worth of vouchers at the self scan, so the policy is now you have to buy the item.

    So, I'm guessing somebody used £70 worth of the World Book Day coupons..........so that's it spoilt for everyone else now. :mad:

    It was me :o
  • sainthalo wrote:
    and if you have a complaint about tesco stick it on http://tesco-complaint.blogspot.com/

    What an excellent website! I am very anti tesco (see previous posts) - Did you set the blog up?
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