Farm Foods Money off vouchers

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Farm Foods Money off vouchers

edited 6 January 2010 at 3:56PM in Food Shopping & Groceries
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edited 6 January 2010 at 3:56PM in Food Shopping & Groceries
Hi everyone long time since last post. Hope you can confirm. A friend has informed me that. The Farm Foods money off vouchers the ones that are on the bottom of that flyer you get with the local newspaper. Spend £25 get £2.50p off, spend £50 get a fiver off. You tear them off and hand em in. Well apparently you can spend these at Tesco,s. What's more you can spend em on anything. Has anyone done this. I am told it tells you this on this site but i can't find this anywhere on here.


  • yes you can use them at tesco.....
    spanky xx

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  • ged1980ged1980 Forumite
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    yes you can use them at tesco.....

    agree i use them all the time
    If you dont like me remember its mind over matter, I dont mind and you dont matter ;)
  • And there`s no limit to how many use each time either. I got a good saving on a Xmas present by using them
  • reehsetinreehsetin Forumite
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    brilliant, I had some, didn't think to use them at tesco - farm foods is a bit far
    Yes Your Dukeiness :D
  • thanks - got the flier through the door yesterday and was wondering the same thing
    skintbint x
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  • Tealady_2Tealady_2 Forumite
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    I use these in Tesco as well but sometimes have to stand your ground witht the cashier as they don't scan so they think they can't use them but I always make them check with customer services if I have this problem.
  • ampafcampafc Forumite
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    I don't understand why you can use these at Tesco - can someone please explain?
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  • surfsistersurfsister Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    tescos take other retailers coupons to stop people shopping elsewhere. so if a coupon for farmstore is £2.50 off £20 then spend £20 at tescos get £2.50 off using the coupon. they take sainsburys ones too.
  • Tesco accept most supermarket conditional spend coupons, ie £5 off a £50 spend. As long as you comply with the conditions on the coupon it does not matter that its for another store.

    You can use, Sainsburys, Asda, M&S, Waitrose as well as Co-Op and Farmfoods and even Somerfield ones.

    Sometimes the SA will ask to check with a supervisor, if any problems, as them to check with their cash office.

    Just last week I used a £5 M&S and a £2.50 farmfoods for a £25 shop.
    Good luck.
  • ry111ry111 Forumite
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    Did you use the m&s voucher that also included the 10 pounds off? I tried using both the 10 and 5 pounds against 50 pounds shopping but the tills wont scan them. The supervisour at tesco said if they scan then we take them.
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