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Annoying "public information" phone calls - Money Saving Advice Centre



  • Why bother with all that?????????????
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  • ok , im getting these calls every day as well .. ive phoned ofcom and they advised that its really a
    information commisioners office complaint.(01625 545745)

    i called them,they said if i fill in the form (sorry unable tolink as im new user) they will contact the company and have my number removed for breaching my human rights!

    suggest everyone do it to make a point stop these cowboys!
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    Oopsadaisy wrote: »
    Ditto the OP, only calling themselves "the credit crunch advice centre".

    Blatantly misleading...who is the best org to complain to??

    Just had a call from these guys.

    They used the CLI 0004420318911 ... whatever type of number that is supposed to be.

    When I spoke to the guy he became abusive and put the phone down on me. Hmmm... I think we could do without that kind of "public information service" thank you.
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    Someone I know had a call like this,
    He answered in a smarmy voice " Are you my fwend? Can I have your name? Can I have your phone number?" Never got any further as the phone went dead. No calls again either.
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    i was getting absolutely plagued by these phone calls for months- 4 or 5 a day, i started by playing fair and pressing 2 and asking them to take my number off their lists. Some said yes and did, some said yes and didnt and some just hung up!

    A whooppee cushion at the right time when they pick up the phone has been more than adequate! I havent had one of these calls for about a month now!

    I've gone and said it now havent i? You just know i'm gonna get one!!
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    I have recently had a phone call from these people (Compensation Professionals Network Ltd) using this phone number: 02031 891150, despite being registered withy the TPS. As a result I made a complaint to the ICO and have just received an email from them saying that they are working with the OFT on enforcement against this company. they have now asked me if I will allow my complaint to be used in this enforcement and say that:

    "The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is working closely with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) on this matter. The OFT has a duty, amongst other things, to monitor the fitness of businesses who hold consumer credit licences. We have been asked by the OFT to provide details of complaints we have received about automated marketing calls made by Compensation Professionals Network Ltd"

    If anyone has received an unwanted call from these people, may I recommend that they make a complaint using the form on the Information Commissioners page (if anyone could post a link I'd be very grateful, I am a new user and not allowed to!)

    It is clear that there have been other complaints against Compensation Professionals Network Ltd and that further complaints are being taken seriously.

    Complaining will make a difference in this case - so please do it!
  • MarkWatson wrote: »

    Complaining will make a difference in this case -

    Errr,.....yeah right.

    The OFT will 'take strong action'....by which they mean they will wait 4 years, then revoke their consumer credit licence [oooh, that must really smart]....which is about 2 years after the scum has gones 7its up and they will already be operating under a new identity.

    So my all means complain away, but please don't delude yourself that the OFT will spring into rapid action or acheive anything meaningful.
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  • they are now trying to flog insurances and mortgages which is illegal to cold call. I spoke to the fsa and they said they are working with financial limited and i spoke to a Ross Napthine there who said they cant cold call. This company is dodgy and a pain in the backside why cant they be shut down. They will sell anything to swindle peeps out of money. the directors are Nicholas Mead and David Buckley also there is a Jason Gamble.
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    Tobyjft wrote: »
    This number called me yesterday after I twice requested them to stop last year, I am registered with TPS and have previously complained about the number to IOC and TPS.
    Yesterday they said they were from MSAC - Money Saving Advice Centre. I complained to IOC and TPS again.
    Today they have called again claiming to be called "Claims Justice". I spoke to an unhelpful manager called David who explained that they are a group of companies operated by CPN but stated that he was not allowed to say who CPN was.

    I have further investigated - CPN is Compensation Professionals Network Ltd and MSAC and CJ are trading names. I recomend complaining about the unsolicited calls to TPS and IOC as well as to the Ministry of Justice who CPN state are their regulators. If we complain about the main company perhaps that will have a bigger impact.

    :rotfl:Any company that chooses to operate in such a clandestine manner deserves your full disrepect. The key here is not to get wound up by them, but to have fun if you can:

    (1) Make up a long winded claim and then at the end put the phone down on them

    (2) As others have said, leave the phone off the hook and do something constructive

    (3) Ask the caller what they are wearing. This works for both sexes.
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    Premier wrote: »
    They used the CLI 0004420318911 ... whatever type of number that is supposed to be.
    That looks like it was set up by a "genius" who knows how the IDD (International Direct Dial) number format standard works, and is trying to disguise their number by trying to make it look like "00 44 203 18911" with an extra 0 at the start, which will confuse the exchange if you tried it...
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