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Saving Pennies Whilst Working

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  • Hi i worked in a place where there was a gym and going there at lunch time and /or after work meant no shops, the gym staff were always a friendly face in a huge building of strangers, it was good for me and I took a salad lunch which I'd eat before return to desk.

    Some local authority gyms have a good cheap cafe ours does a baked potato for £1.05, so I often pop in when passing and hungry.

    I do sympathise one of my previous jobs meant banking the money and I walked through a large dept store to get to the bank two days running I bought shoes, so started to park elsewhere to avoid temptation.
    Good Luck
    Freebie Manor was the name on the Plaque my mum gave me for first home which was equiped with freebie banded cups, teapot, coffee pot oh and a sofa which cost a bottle of Vodka. My motto's are don't ask dont get, and don't buy if they say no.
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    Sometimes I think it's the initial 'I need to spend something' that makes you crack. For a while I tried only allowing myself to spend a tiny amount a day (£1-£2 max) and found that made it easier. If I brought my lunch to work it meant I could go to WHSmiths and buy a chocolate bar or a cheapo magazine. And if I managed not to spend anything Mon-Thurs I could go to the pub on a Friday or meet OH for a coffee one day etc. I'd feel like I'd had a treat but really I'd only spent £5 all week.

    (BTW, since going back to work this year I've joined the save on lunches challenge - why not give it a try for the rest of Jan? - I've not spent a penny on my lunch break so far.)
  • Unless there is a policy that allows you to charge personal electrical stuff at work I would beware!

    using the electricity of your employer without consent is no different than pinching a pile of stuff from the stationery cupboard - illegal and at risk of disciplinary action. Somebody has to pay for the electricity somewhere - employers already have huge costs - putting their electricity bills up will ultimately reduce your benefits.

    also bear in mind that if you work for the public sector and do this you are using public funds inappropriately which will ultimately put up our taxes, reduced public services and cut benefits. sorry - but there does need to be some honesty in money saving..........

    ps - no I'm not an employer!
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    If you can get out at lunchtime, find a regular spot to feed the birds. At my previous work base, i had a male sparrow that would sit on the back of the bench i was sitting on and take bread/bits of prawn from my hand.

    Truly wonderful. He always brought a smile to my face.

    I even named some of the regular pigeons. Usually "stumpy" or some variant, because they were easy to spot!
    "It's official, MSE's harbouring total fruitcakes"
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