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Saving Pennies Whilst Working

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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    motchmotch Forumite
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    JasX wrote: »
    I remember seeing figures of 5p-15p a charging cycle. so guess it depends how big your battery is and how long it holds its charge....

    you'll all hate me, I get a free hot lunch at work :p

    for a mobile it draws a tiny amount of power when charging, abouts 5 watts an hour i think. if it takes say an hour to charge it would cost about a penny if you pay 20p per kwh for example.

    (edited to say a 1/10th of a penny)
  • rictus123rictus123 Forumite
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    1/10th of a penny id have thought

    id just do it at work until you are told not to
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  • Or use the work phone :)
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  • motchmotch Forumite
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    Cooky667 wrote: »
    Or use the work phone :)

    now that would be Top moneysaving lol :money:
  • vickiv55vickiv55 Forumite
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    ah, I love my work - free phone charging,
    - free tea and coffee
    - non value loo roll to wipe me bumbeleree
    - free photocopier
    and how could i forget the free phonecalls :)
    AND..... i can have the heating as high as i want as I'm not paying the bill!!
    AND.... i get paid to take my ebay sales to the post office (post office just across the road so i can nip away quite easily)
    AND finally, but my favourite. I was paid to sleep today. Nobody came in my office at all today so i found myself nodding off a few times. Oops but yay me for being paid for it!!
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  • Do you work for the council too? lol
    Proud to be dealing with my debts!
  • :rotfl:@ ^^^^^^^^^
  • mancbirdmancbird Forumite
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    My office is near a supermarket and a cafe and I often go across and get my dinner from there but I have realised this is costing me a fortune :o I also seem to end up buying more than just my dinner too - magazines, make-up, clothers etc. Over the last few weeks I have been off work following an op and as I live in a very isolated area with no shops I have been making my dinner at home everyday. I have decided that when I go back to work I am going to take my dinner in each day and also a book to read as usually I buy a paper to read whilst eating my dinner :rolleyes: I'm not really keen on butties so some of the things I plan to take are:
    • soup and a roll (homemade if poss, otherwise just tinned)
    • pasta salad
    • couscous salad
    • crispbreads and cottage cheese
    I have to admit I'm not a morning person so, for me at least, I think the key is to take things that I can prepare the night before!
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  • Im terrible at getting up early so I've no chance unless I make it the night before. I tend to make more than I need for tea and put the extra in a lunchbox. Stirfry is dead nice, any sort of pasta, I even took enchiladas in once and warmed them up in the microwave :)
    Proud to be dealing with my debts!
  • would this not count as stealing from the company?????

    Not if you're upfront about it. You could just ask the boss if they mind you charging your phone at work - I find it hard to imagine anyone would say no. I know my boss is OK about us making the odd short personal call from work as long as we don't take the p*** .

    Taking in your own lunch definetly way to go. If I have something for dinner that lends itself to elftovers (pasta, rice, stew etc) I'll make extra and take portions in to work for lunch the next day. Also have noodles, cous cous and tins of beans in my desk drawer and sometimes a bit of salad in the fridge in case I decide I don't fancy whatever I've bought in come lunchtime!

    I know we have it drilled in to us how important it is to "not eat at your desk" which leads to many people wandering aimlessly around town come lunchtime (which I'm not convinced is much better for you to be honest). So maybe stay in the office but make sure you sit away from your desk and read the paper, a book, or a magazine (we have a stock of old books and magazines at work that people bring in when they've finished with them - maybe something worth starting at your work?). Or use the time to fill in some online paid surveys so you actually make money, rather than spend it?
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