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Saving Pennies Whilst Working

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  • Rebekah24Rebekah24 Forumite
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    I rarely leave my desk at work, dont go down to the shop/canteen

    Bring a bottle of squash (26p) and a box of teabags (28p) ...and I'm away! - no cash, only essential card incase of emergency ie. being ill/needing medication
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  • When I wake up in time, I usually make a sandwich and try and pack some snacks. The only problem is we don't have a microwave at work but I've managed to work out what leftovers taste ok cold (can't do cold pasta!) and what is ok (lasagne).

    I have a thermos with a small neck so can only fit 'smooth' soups so no stews for me. I've been looking for a thermos which stays hot for about 5 hours but haven't had any luck. Please PM me if you know of one :T

    Apart from going round the shops at lunchtime, as other posters have suggested, there's probably lots to do round the area such as walking a different route (not good when you stumble across a food market and become addicted :o ) or little musuems etc. Or you could go into the supermarket (leaving the wallet behind) and get ideas for your packed lunch.

    I'll also leave some cup-a-soups or pot noodles as emergency food in my drawer for when I fancy a hot lunch.

    Another penny pinching tip is save the unfranked stamps (I give the rest to charity) and reuse them as postage for ebay sales.

  • gallygirlgallygirl Forumite
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    I use the works franking machine when I send letters at it is a little cheaper (and yes, I do pay!). Don;t use for parcels, ebay etc. though as can't get proof of posting.
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  • I work in various places but they all usually have microwaves. Even in my semi conscious early morning state I can grab one can of soup and one roll and that does lunch!

    5-6 years ago I got more organised as DS,DD, DH and I all had packed lunches - actually easier when you are doing 4 .... provided the marmite sarnies go in the right box....
  • I think there is a health and safety regulation that states that if a workplace has over a certain number of employees they have to provide you with a designated area to eat, means for preparing hot and cold drinks and "means for heating food" (i.e. microwave) - I would have to check that, but I'm sure it was mentioned when I did a H&S training course a few years back.

    Either way, if your workplace doesn't have a microwave, it's worth asking them if they'll get one. Sandwiches aren't everyone's favorite and in this kind of weather it's definetly better to get a hot lunch.
  • Ah - it's here:

    "Facilities for rest and to eat meals
    Suitable and sufficient, readily accessible rest facilities should be provided.
    Seats should be provided for workers to use during breaks. These should be in a place where personal protective equipment need not be worn. Rest areas or rooms should be large enough and have sufficient seats with backrests and tables for the number of workers likely to use them at any one time, including suitable access and seating which is adequate for the number of disabled people at work.
    Where workers regularly eat meals at work, suitable and sufficient facilities should be provided for the purpose. Such facilities should also be provided where food would otherwise be likely to be contaminated.
    Work areas can be counted as rest areas and as eating facilities, provided they are adequately clean and there is a suitable surface on which to place food.
    Where provided, eating facilities should include a facility for preparing or obtaining a hot drink. Where hot food cannot be obtained in or reasonably near to the workplace, workers may need to be provided with a means for heating their own food (eg microwave oven).
    Canteens or restaurants may be used as rest facilities provided there is no obligation to purchase food."
  • Where hot food cannot be obtained in or reasonably near to the workplace, workers may need to be provided with a means for heating their own food (eg microwave oven).
    Canteens or restaurants may be used as rest facilities provided there is no obligation to purchase food."

    Thanks for that! It's very interesting. We've asked for a microwave but it's always been a no due to various reasons (the smells going into the air con etc) but really I don't think management like the idea. We do have plenty of eating places nearby but no where to warm up food. Thermos it is! ;)
  • when i worked as a nursery nurse in a small nursery only 5 members of staff we took it in turns every week to buy the food for the week for us all and the cook would prepare it when she was cooking the childrens food.
    Boiler pot £30.92/£1000
  • I often get a large packet of couscous from Iceland, which does two lunches, and a measuring spoon. I pour half the pack into a bowl and add the correct amount of hot water to it. If you have any left overs from the previous day, add these too (roasted veggies are good).

    Otherwise I buy some pate and take just enough out with me to buy a crusty roll and 99p for 4 cans of pop in the local shop. The pop and the pate lasts for most of the week and I get a bit of fresh air walking to the local supermarket (cheaper still if you go just once and buy one packet of rolls).

    If you really want to save money, take some buttered bread or toast in and nuke some baked beans. Unfortunately all the toasters were removed from our office when they started setting off the fire alarms; you might be more lucky.

    I'm afraid I am guilty of buying the odd latte - it would be so much cheaper to make my own but I can't help getting a hot coffee in this weather:rolleyes:
  • zcrat41zcrat41 Forumite
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    Try leaving the wallet at home!

    I used to work in towns and cities. I've just given up my job to work on a farm. There are no shops for about 10 miles so no way of getting stuff if you need it. Well, I have a slight addiction (for slight, read MAJOR!) addiction to nicotine lozenges and today I forgot them. I was stuck on a tractor for 7 hours with no way of getting more.

    I was grumpy as anything, good job it was only the dog with me in the tractor!

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