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Reindeer food!

edited 22 December 2009 at 4:51PM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
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  • Your local Abbey branch is also selling reindeer food - suggested donation of a £1 - all money going to hospices so good cause!
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  • daskadaska Forumite
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    mine is made, this year it contains:
    value oats
    preserving sugar coloured red, blue and yellow
    a few silver balls for sparkle
    a few of the gold sugar stars which I bought to decorate the trifle with

    (I used the preserving sugar because I already had it in stock and it's much larger crystals than granulated sugar)

    looks magical :D
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  • FloFloFloFlo Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    32.7K posts
    Argos have it for £1 with proceeds to british heart foundation.
  • Just though I would mention that we put rock salt (edible type) in ours so it melts a small amount of frost/snow to make it look like the reindeer have eaten the food.
  • we buy ours from a local charity for £1. its become part of christmas going to buy it as its wrapped so pretty with a lovely christams poem attached and all for a great cause (we also put a carrot out so they can see it from the sky). i love christmas !
  • and if you have a very inquisitive child, make some poo out of plasticine and mix some reindeer food in with it - then leave it as a 'present' on the doorstep!
    My 6 year old son was very impressed by it.:rotfl:

    (real reindeer poo is like a bigger version of sheep poo - I Googled for authenticity! :o )
  • HappiHappi Forumite
    1.5K posts
    Santa gets a mince pie and rudolph gets organic carrot in this house LOL :D

  • I bought mine the other day from my local morrisons (bolton). It was £1 and is in support of help the hospices.
  • Im going to make some for sons school - They sell it at the xmas fayre for 30p a bag and all proceeds go back to the school which I think is good. But I will also buy some for Charity too. Im also leaving out the carrot on a string attached to the drainpipe, window level of the house, something we always did as kids and DS has always done too. DD is now at the age where she is understanding all the hype and getting excited which is a good thing as DS (11) told me last year that Santa isnt real so DD now keeps the magic alive :)
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