Should Danny and Sandy move seats?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Should Danny and Sandy move seats?

Danny and Sandy have bagged super bargainous seats to see their favourite musical. They got them for that cheap a price because they have a restricted view. When they get to the theatre they spot some better seats, which they know cost more, sitting empty. Should they move?

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  • scotsbob
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    Well if it's ok to take seats they haven't paid for I guess they may as well steal some sweets and some programmes.
    Maybe steal a few handbags and phones when the lights are down and no one is looking.
    If they leave a few minutes before the end they might be able to steal a car from the car park as well.

    Theft is theft no matter how you dress it up.

    (Bargainous? What does that mean?)
  • elsien
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    I'd leave it till after the first interval and if no-one had shown up then I'd move to them. I don't agree that it's theft if they're clearly not going to be taken at any point. I've seen it happen before in theatres and no-ones objected.
    Would be different if they'd been sold and people turned up to use them, but if it's a no-show I really don't see that it's a problem.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • I'd ask a steward first; I worked as a steward and it was always the policy that the person whose seat it was is entitled to show up at any time they wish so we had to keep it free in case they arrived late. Other stewards have been lenient and let people sit there on the condition that they move immediately if/when the rightful occupants of the seats turn up which I think is fine. I remember moving from 2nd to 1st row at a show where the said seats were vacated by press photographers who weren't coming back.
  • geri1965_2
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    scotsbob wrote: »
    Theft is theft no matter how you dress it up.

    You need to look up the legal definition of theft, I think.
  • scotsbob
    scotsbob Posts: 4,632 Forumite
    geri1965 wrote: »
    You need to look up the legal definition of theft, I think.

    Maybe you should.

    Try buying a standard ticket on a train and then occupy a first class seat and see how the law treats you. Doing the same in a theatre is no different.
  • scotsbob wrote: »
    Maybe you should.

    Try buying a standard ticket on a train and then occupy a first class seat and see how the law treats you. Doing the same in a theatre is no different.
    Legally yes, it's theft, but morally...(there are no morals in law :rolleyes: )
    C'mon you Canaries!!
  • RuthnJasper
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    I am an actress and long-time theatre-goer. The answer is: Yes - it is perfectly acceptable to do this. The correct way to do this is to either ask an usher/usherette once the lights go down, but before the curtain rises, OR wait until the first "big" song commences and then move discreetly down. You will be asked to return to your seats if your move is inappropriate (highly unlikely, unless ticket holders for your "upgraded" (!) seats arrive late), or ignored by the staff. You MIGHT get a few 'tut's from your potential new seat-neighbours, but scr*w them - you don't know them, and anyway they should be watching the show and NOT judging you!

    Also - for the actors, it is actually BETTER if people do this. Theatre stage lights generally block out the audience by degrees, the further back they are. Therefore, you are actually doing the actors a favour by ensuring that all the rows nearest to the stage are filled. Plus, once a performance has started, latecomers are not always admitted to the auditorium. If you were there in time to see the curtain rise, and others weren't, take those seats and enjoy the show!


    Merry Christmas.

    Ruth & Jasper
  • I have done this on numerous occasions and see nothing wrong with it - if the seat is going to be empty throughout the performance then why not ?? It would be totally different if someone else had bought the ticket, but usually by about 20 mins in to the show you have a good indication that the seat will remain empty and is fair game! I even check out the internet at my local theatre and see which seats are empty before the performance so I know where I can move to! When I saw Jersey Boys recently we did not need to move but loads of people around us moved to better seats - no-one batted an eyelid..the seats were empty anyway. Why would anyone sit through a show with a poor view if they could move to an empty seat with a better view - just does not make sense! Agree totally with Ruth & is awful when the audience is sparce and spread out !
    I have had brain surgery - sorry if I am a little confused sometimes ;)
  • elisebutt65
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    scotsbob wrote: »

    (Bargainous? What does that mean?)

    Bargainous: to be considered an exceptional bargain; ridiculously cheap.
    From Urban Dictionary

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  • Yes I'd move my experience it is a widely accepted practice and therefore I do not see anything morally or legally wrong. When I say accepted, I include the theatre management and as others say, the cast prefers to look out on a 'fuller, compact ' house, not odd faces dotted all around the seating area. I fully accept that if any person with a ticket for the seat turns up they have the right to it. I've seen it done at theatres and sports venues.

    :j totally debt free and still some money in the bank for a rainy day .. although I am
    fully aware that a lot of folks, through no fault of their own are not so fortunate ..a Happy Christmas and a better New Year to them especially.
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