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Swine flu, to have or not to have, that is the question.

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Having recently received an invitation to be given the so called swine flu vacination, I wondered what percentage of people have :-

had it and experienced any symptoms?

had it and not experienced any?

turned it down and why?


  • BigglesBiggles Forumite
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    Mrs Biggles has had it, as she was in the target group. No symptoms, no problems.

    I asked if carers could get one too but I've got to wait till the next tranche, which will probably be quite soon.
  • I had it a few weeks ago and my arm was incredibly painful for almost 2 weeks. Didn't feel too bad to start with, then got steadily worse over a few days. This happened to a number of people I know who had it, however all of us also have a reaction to the normal flu jab, although not as severe. Having said all that, I'd still get it done again as I feel the benefits outweigh the downside.

  • My 4 year old had it on Saturday and she has been fine.

    Its not a 'live' vaccine so they are not giving you a small dose of swine flu.

    Better to have it than not:confused:
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  • Had mine by invite a month ago.sore arm for 24 hours no other affects at all.
  • weanieweanie Forumite
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    I had it a month ago - my arm was a little sore the next day [ I am right handed - so chose my left arm] but no other problems. I was given a card witht he batch number on. I asked why and the nurse looked a bit troubled and said she supposed it would be incase I had a problem and wanted to complain.
  • chris_n_tjchris_n_tj Forumite
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    I had mine 2 weeks ago no lasting damage lol. My arm was a bit sore for a few days but thats all.
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  • My 4 year old had it, no problems. He was a bit poorly with the seasonal flu but he already had a cold so it could be coincidence. He was very brave but I'm told it does hurt as it goes into the muscle. Get it on the side you don't sleep on.
  • WhitefiverWhitefiver Forumite
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    I had it a few weeks ago - no problems, not even a sore arm. I was just aware of it for about 24 hours, and since then, nothing.


  • I had it a couple of weeks ago, Had a sore arm for a couple of days and felt quite tired.
  • I haven't had the swine flu jab but I 've bin laid up with a nasty bout of flu for 3 weeks now and I still can't shift it. Sore throat, aches, shivers, hurty eyeballs, coughing, head all bunged up and can't hear properly cos me toobs are blocked. And no it's not man flu! Me mate's had it as well and he says it's the worst he's ever had. Mind you, it might not be swine flu as the doc says there's 3 or 4 strains going round atm.
    But give me a jab in the arm any day over that.
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