A warning about Newvistalive survey site

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Thought this might be of interest to others that use Newvistalive survey site.

I recieved the following email from Newvistalive survey site today. It seems that if you fail their quality control measures 3 times they can unsubscribe you from the panel and take away all the points you have earnt. Since the cashout limit (£50) is pretty high it would be quite easy to make three mistakes before reaching it and then to have wasted all the time you spent filling out surveys. I'm now thinking of signing off the site altogether as I would prefer to forfeit my 6 points rather than get to 48 points or something and be disqualified.. What do other people who use Newvistalive think of this policy?

Dear Community Member,
As you are aware, quality control measures are part and parcel of the survey procedure here at newvistalive.com. Quality control questions were introduced to our surveys to ensure that the data collected are of the highest standard.
There are a series of questions at the beginning and end of our surveys to ensure that each and every question is read and answered thoughtfully by our members. The answers to both sets are taken and compared against each other; if the answers are inconsistent we deem this as failing quality control, and points are not credited for the survey in question.
If quality control checks are failed on three different surveys, the result is to be unsubscribed from our panel and the forfeit of any credits accrued. All this information is available on our website, and is made reference to on our email invitations.
Presently you have quality control failed the following project(s) on the date(s) indicated.
110218 26/10/2009


  • I agree - Im a little insulted by their letter - it implies ive done something wrong, without thinking it might be their poorly worded surveys that are to blame. Im thinking of telling them to get lost - without us survey takers theyd have no business, so a bit of respect is in order. There are plenty of other companies interested in my opinion.

  • I have also received the same email saying I was inconsistent with my answers.I have about 20 points.I was with them a year ago and they struck me off at 48 points,no email or anything,I just could not log in anymore.50 points takes too long and you can only make 3 mistakes which they try to catch you out with.Not happy!:mad:
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    I too have received an email from them today.

    It's the first one i've had and it relates to a survey i did in July 2007. :eek:

    Presently you have quality control failed the following project(s) on the date(s) indicated.
    106598 10/07/2007
  • Oh dear! I'm not a member and certainly won't be looking to join after reading this ... sounds a bit fishy!!
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    I think it's fair if it stops people just randomly clicking answers. The data is worthless if people have just clicked any old box without actually thinking about it or made mistakes on it.
    Here I go again on my own....
  • Me too! I had just reached my first £50 when I got the same email. When I queried my payment they said as I had reached the £50 before being "struck off" I would receive this, which I did. I do agree about their security checks - poorly worded, I believe, to catch you out.
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    I received this email too.I feel like I`ve committed a crime. I do know that I clicked on an answer once by mistake and couldnt change it. I agree its badly worded. It took me ages to get to my first £50.
  • I've commited two offences too and got an email today. They are telling me I made my first mistake on a survey in Jan 2007:eek:. I must be getting old, I can't quite recall that survey and what I did wrong in it.....maybe if they told me sooner I might be able to defend myself.

    Shame I wasted so much time on it. I dont think I'll bother trying to get to my £50. I might make another mistake before then and have them taking away all my credit.
  • I am a member of NewVista live and have already received £50 from them, I think the quality tests at beginning and end of surveys is a good thing, I only fell foul of it on one survey due to a typing error but only lost the points for that one survey, which they tell you at the time, this system also helps make sure you are not someone else trying to phish your details or scam you in some way,it makes you feel secure doing their surveys
  • Newbie raking up an old thread ... hmmmmm ....
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