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    Just type it into your browser.

    I have two portfolios set up - one for my real holdings and one for my watch list. Both let me download as a csv and copy/paste into my tracking spreadsheet, very handy.
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    Hi guys, is anybody using X-O yet? Despite setting up a demo with Jarvis I decided to go with MF global in the end.

    For straight shares I'm still using halifax share dealing but have trouble getting orders filled sometimes, especially during mad spikes on RNS days. These are the actual times when I want to sell shares.

    MF global are a good broker, but I do hate them for charging partial fills. Problem with CFD's is the daily financing, I don't mind paying a bit of financing for say £10k's worth of CFD but if you've got 10 positions on the go and are nursing some red shares the charges can really start to hurt your profits. Some of these trades are 2 month swings.

    Going back to x-o my biggest worry with these cheap brokers is how they operate, are we getting direct market access or is this some algo that wants us on the wrong side of a trade?

    I really want to open an account with x-o but I can't be bothered with all the fuss only to find the spread is !!!!, they don't offer small caps or they can't fill my orders. Certainly don't want to be paying for partial fills on a straight share dealing account. All money saving is paramount in stock trading, it's easy for a frequent trader to rack up £5k pa in commisions and charges and these brokers have no excuse for charging for partial fills.

    How do XO fill big positions?
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    Ive been using x-o for about 3 months. I'm a newbie to all this, but theyre cheap - they respond to emails and do what they say on the box. limit setting seems to be quite basic but normal buy & sell limits work fine.

    I also use its a little cheaper (sells are 5.75 rather than 5.95) - thats from memory so dont sue me if I'm wrong. but when I signed up in january you get all the first months buys for just 1 pound +tax - so that saved me 100 pounds.

    It looks like Limit setting has more options than x-o you have buy, sell, rising buy, and stop loss and you can set the expiry date for all of these.

    IMHO the site is more intuitive and a little easier to use than x-o

    I'm very happy with both of these.

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    cimh wrote: »
    I also use its a little cheaper
    They have one downside which is they don't offer an ISA option yet which is important to many. If they did then I think that would tip the balance in their favour, but for now XO still gets my vote (or iii for non-real time trades).
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